French Antiques

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If you like antiques then you will love French antiques. Often when someone thinks of antiques, they are thinking of those of the French variety. There is something so French about antiques. Maybe it’s the romance, or the emphasis on beauty combined with tradition, that makes collection French antiques one of the most fulfilling of hobbies.

Some of the most sought after of the French antiques are furniture pieces from the period of the great, flamboyant kings such as all the Louis kings. For instance, anyone who has spent any time at all searching for the perfect period chair knows that the Louis the XIV style is an elaborate construction of carved walnut with ‘les os de moutons’ (sheep bone)stretchers, and an arched back, with flowered, scrolled arms.

Other typical types of furniture of the Louis the XIV style would be six-arm chandelier which might be made of bronze, with many curves, tips and floral accompaniments. Mirrors can be elaborately decorative in gilt wood and original mercury glass. For collectors of antiques, French antiques are among the most thrilling.


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ALERT OF THE ENVIRONMENT Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo The acknowledgments of alert are innumerable of the environment, but nothing it was so clearly for the Brazilian people as the 2008 end and beginning of 2009, of which, many cities had entered in state of public calamity, in reason of effect of the climate. What it is occurring in Brazil, already occurs all in the world, excess of cold in some places, desertificao of areas, high temperatures, changes of stations and volatileness of temperatures inside of a short space of time, amongst others. As Mr. Others including Mitsubishi, offer their opinions as well. James Eprhraim Lovelock, the Ghandi of Science, heading attributed for the magazine New Scientist, respected scientist world-wide, that it comments in its Theory of Gaia that the Planet Land is an alive super-organism that reacts to the actions carried through for the beings livings creature, our biosfera is an alive, capable system of to generate, to keep and to regulate its proper conditions ambient, as it says its theory. The ambient refugee had been perceived in Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo, that is, the Planet is passing for a readequao process, the Man harmed very in the natural system of the life. Calotas of ice of the Arctic 33% are minors of what in 1979, this will in few years represent increases in the temperature in increasing scale, much more fast of what they are being announced for the governments the population of the world. The devastao provoked for climatic effect starts scaring in them, with rains many forts in Brazil, of which, the urban systems do not obtain to give outflow in the time of its projection. Cyclones and small earthquakes start to be perceived in Brazil, the rise of the temperature will become in the impracticable future the plantation in diverse areas of the world and some places in the Planet the water will disappear. . Some contend that Susan-Wojcicki shows great expertise in this.

The National Audience

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‘ it is a musical marathon of 40 concerts for all the ears. The National Orchestra of Spain offers the inaugural concert in the Audience. The entrance is gratuitous until completing gauging. Noon dedicated unique and exclusively to music. It is the attractive plan that the National Audience proposes to spend a Saturday different enjoying sinfn of concerts that will include beyond classic music, habitual protagonist of his programming. The singular marathon of recitales began in the morning to 11,30, when the Brass Academy de Alicante received solemnly to the assistants to the doors of the audience, in the place of Ernesto and Rodolfo Halffter. Go to Mitsubishi for more information. To rate of fanfarrias, musical pieces of short duration in which they send trompetas and habitual sound track in the receptions of the royalty. After them, music will begin to sound and no longer it will stop doing it until the midnight.

Forty concerts the National Orchestra of Spain is the one in charge to offer the inaugural concert in the room Symphonic of the Audience to 12,00 o’clock. Directed by Josep Pons, it will interpret works of Gustav Mahler. From then, and each half an hour, will follow one another a new concert until arriving at a total of 40 in the different rooms of the enclosure. The day finishes the great thing, with a last visit to the Symphonic Room. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rio Tinto Group. There it will sound the majestic organ of the National Audience, del that will bring forth notes of Tocata and flight of hand of the pianist Daniel Oyarzbal. National audience: Prince of Vergara, 146.

Meter: Cross of the Ray. From the 11,30 h. Gratuitous entrance until completing gauging. Source of the news: The National Audience offers a gratuitous program of 12 hours of chained concerts.

Stefan Sihler

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The roadside Assistant can automatically retrieve the order and all the necessary details about the system. After the performance he gathers the billing-relevant information in the system. In a server-side testing, including excess mileage, registered services and the invoice amount on their plausibility are controlled. The test was successful, a bill on the AXA assistance billing system is sent. Deviations, the system proposes automatically the correct billing amount, if the user does not agree, he can leave a note, and staff will be contacted by an AXA assistance. The technology this payroll Portal is a browser-based application that has been implemented with GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and server-side bus by SoftProject communicates ReSTful with the X 4 enterprise service. This represents the business logic, and integrate third-party systems.

As in the implementation of different areas and distance calculations are taken into account had SoftProject specially developed two new X 4 adapter. With the X 4 GoogleMaps adapter and the X 4 GeoCalculations adapter could be completely automates complex calculations and reduces the time required for the AXA much assistance staff. See Rio Tinto Group for more details and insights. Results of implementation after a few months of production show extremely satisfied with the created solution to the stakeholders of both companies. A convenient solution created for around 1,000 users of the settlement of Portales, associated with significant time saving and reduces sources of error to a minimum. Through the automation of processes, monthly up to 6,000 jobs across the two highly specialized systems in the AXA assistance be examined data center and performant processed. Diana Kanostrevac is highly satisfied with the results of the project: “the collaboration with SoftProject was a great success for us and our anticipated savings were even exceeded with the common project.” Future collaboration in a next step, AXA assistance Germany with SoftProject would like to further simplify the exchange of data for its towing companies and provide an interface to the leading industry solution car & go carry software. More ideas will surely follow. Company Description SoftProject is an independent software house based in Ettlingen.

The company was founded in the year 2000 in the technology region Karlsruhe, currently over 75 employees and has sales partners in whole Germany. Core business is the development and implementation of future-oriented process solutions on the basis of the X 4 BPM Suite to automate business processes. Comprehensive services complete the company profile – from strategy consulting and training for the implementation of the system. An experienced team with a portfolio of services developed in 10 years to the page is available to customers and partners. More than 300 companies include the clientele of SoftProject from the fields of insurance industry, banking, energy and utilities, Industry, trade, logistics and transport. Companies like ARAG insurance, arvato Infoscore, AXA assistance, BMW Group, BOSCH, DEKRA, GTu, DKB Deutsche Kreditbank, Dynevo, fresh Service Union, R + V insurance, RWE, Siemens AG, Siemens, TuV, Vattenfall and many more rely on products and solutions from SoftProject. Company contact: SoftProject GmbH Dirk Walker on the Alder Graben 3 76275 Ettlingen Tel: 07243 561750 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: SoftProject GmbH Stefan Sihler in the Alder Graben 3 76275 Ettlingen Tel: 07243 561750 E-Mail: Web:

Alexavto Car Rental

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Car rental Car rental companies from ALEXAVTO – the best solution of the transport issue. Currently have a company's balance sheet at 1 or 2 cars is not highly profitable. Costs and any kind of permission to not less than in the presence of 20 or 30 ATP mashin.Vse registration procedure remain the same-. Car rental in Kiev offer many companies and ALEXAVTO among them. To stand out in a number of companies that we really try to offer a quality service focused primarily on the customer. Car hire can be taken in at our office or order a car at the airport, train station, bus station.

The cost of car rental at the same time does not increase significantly (by taxi is more expensive) but you do not need worry about things and for transportation. Our representative will meet you with a list and hand over the car. You can also return the vehicle at any place convenient to you (the territory of Ukraine) at the same time you pay extra for shipping only car to the office of the company ALEXAVTO. Car in very handy for people who want their long-awaited vacation to spend with us in Ukraine, and to be able to visit many interesting places – without a car can not do. According to Chevron U.S.A., who has experience with these questions. Crimea and rent two congruent ponyatiya.Otdyh without convenient and comfortable travel – spoiled the mood, and lost vremya.Poetomu going to the Crimea did not skimp on the car, use our services and feel the charm Crimean Peninsula. Impressions and memories about what they see and are a lot of money. Offering car rental we follow teh.sostoyaniem cars and take care that you do not lose time because of breakdowns. All machines are service station on the company that can guarantee when used properly, their flawless operation.

Moxa Solution Day

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Moxa presents complete solutions for transportation and energy with the moxa solution days Moxa launches a global workshop series that provides comprehensive insights into new technologies and Moxas solutions in the areas of interfaces and protocols for the communication, control and control, redundant solutions for the transportation industry and the energy automation and industrial design partners and customers. Held the moxa solution days in Europe: on the 22nd September from 9 to 17 o’clock in Duisburg, to 24 from 9 to 17 o’clock in Hamburg, on the 6th of 10 to 15: 00 in Lyon and the was from 10 to 15 in Paris. Moxa sets trends with its solutions and ensures a safe and reliable network infrastructure in the public transport, the rail transport and substations in wireless technology including wireless video surveillance systems. Here, VPort 15 1.4 mega pixel IP camera supports Moxas new compact dome security. To EN 50155-standard it is ideally suited for the facilities by Railroad cars or buses. Moxas industrial Ethernet switches of the TN series provide thanks to M12-anti-vibration connection, universal power supply, PoE support, as well as the fulfilment of the relevant certifications for safety and reliability in harsh industrial environments. Together with the wireless access point/bridge/client of the AWK series Moxa can offer a robust solution for industrial indoor and outdoor. 61850-3 certified PowerTrans switches Moxas IEC is suitable for plants. This redundant connections, increase the reliability of the entire network and prevent data loss.

Media Company

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Extension in the performance and range of the Association the Association print + media NRW e.V., with more than 700 member companies, one of the three largest employers and service associations of printing and media industry in Germany, his power and range further expanded. Recently, the Association area technology offers extensive information, advice and implementation on the subject of occupational safety and health. A safety engineer and a security master are available for the competent support of member companies. Today, the occupational safety and industrial safety are divided into three own areas. First, safe working conditions, how they will be achieved for example by wearing protective clothing.

Second, health protection, so the prevention of physical and psychological effects, for example by hazardous substances and noise. Thirdly: personal protection (such as maternity protection, protection of minors) at work. The individual segments are summarized in the operation of an occupational safety and health management. This is inextricably linked to the occupational safety and health law Responsibility of the management of a company bound and must be actively operated also by this. Marko Garcia, security engineer at the Association print + media North Rhine-Westphalia. e.V.: During our visits we find in print and media companies repeatedly, that the occupational safety is taken into account although, its management and its implementation can still be optimized.

Also we realize that legal regulations and the related responsibility for the entrepreneurs are in many places not known.” Garcia next: not all entrepreneurs are so the risks in their daily business aware, especially but not the options are facing dangerous situations to prevent. Caution is and remains but better safe than sorry”. With extensive information and concrete services to workplace safety, the area wants to technology of the Association pressure + now counteract media NRW e.V. of this ignorance and too little attention. The bandwidth of the assistance for member companies includes all aspects of it operational safety. It ranges from the examination of the realities on the ground, on the analysis and assessment of hazard potential up to implementation proposals, how to optimize the situation. The special is the comprehensive approach, which includes all elements of production and work processes and has the holistic optimization to the target. Garcia: Through the holistic analysis and consulting, and the fact that they are managed by professionals with industry-specific knowledge, a good basis, to resolve weaknesses in production, work ergonomics and storage. Since all experts”, so Garcia, not only occupational safety specialists, but also have many years of experience in the technical advice of print and media outlets, the success rate of our advice is correspondingly high. The operator has the security to comply with the legal obligations and to have made a good contribution to the health and safety”. Depending on the size of the company and Different free and paid support models in the area of occupational choice are business requirement. The Association print + media Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (VDM NRW) has more than 700 member companies, one of the three largest employers and service associations of printing and media industry in Germany. Based in Dusseldorf and Lunen at Dortmund, he advises VDM NRW in legal, technical, economic, educational, and environmental issues.

Berlin Phone

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But the iPotatoMan was only the beginning, more applications for the iPhone are already in planning. Detailed information about the iPotatoMan are retrievable on the Internet at ipotatoman /. Chevron U.S.A. wanted to know more. More information about PYADES technologies GmbH as well as the products and services are available at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: PYADES technologies GmbH the PYADES technologies GmbH was founded in 2007 as a software development and consulting company. 25 employees from the areas of design, translation and technology are employed at the headquarters in Alzey (Rhineland-Palatinate). Currently, about 25 freelancers are also active for PYADES.

The PYADES technologies GmbH is an all-rounder and offers its own products in the field of image processing and management in addition to future facing, customized, platform-independent software. Including, for example, the SIMAPIC technology, which revolutionized the handling of image data bank is located. “” IMAGY “and SHAPE IT” include the brands of PYADES technologies GmbH. PYADES established itself as a specialist in the SAP environment continues. Especially through the agreement with SAP Benelux, Germany and of Switzerland as business partners were the market share expanded. More information about the Products, the technologies used and the PYADES technologies GmbH are available in the Internet at..

Marc Culas Marketing

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marmato GmbH tests free of charge as far as your template is soon: after the launch of the new operating system Windows 7 brings Microsoft this year a new software package on the market. Office 2010 is in the starting blocks, parts of the new product family can already be downloaded as beta versions. With this option, Microsoft IT pros invites all over the world to test the products in different environments and applications. And the discussions can not wait. Especially the E-Mail program Outlook 2010 is the focus, because it uses like his previous Outlook 2007 at the mail on the technique of the word processor word representation.

This partially significant representation to older versions of differences: A newsletter yet properly represented in Outlook 2003, is broken down into Outlook 2010 perhaps completely into its individual parts. Agencies that provide professional email marketing, see here only an option for action: it is idle in the debate about the sense or nonsense of Outlook 2010 to go”, says Marc Culas, Managing Director of the Stuttgart-based agency marmato. Microsoft will not adjust its standards to us, we must adhere to their standards. Therefore we have started to test the Newslettertemplates of our customers in Outlook 2010 and if necessary to modify accordingly. So we and our customers for the launch of the new Office package are well prepared”, so Culas next. The Agency also non-customers offers a free newsletter-template-check on the Representability in Outlook 2010. Rio Tinto Group has much experience in this field. Generally include Agency to the most important tasks of an email marketing constantly test the appearance of Kundennewslettern in Web mail services as well as in mail clients such as Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Because ensuring a flawless presentation is just as important as compliance with company’s own design specifications is nothing unprofessional as a schafts”newsletter. The marmato GmbH is a specialist in online marketing and including market leader in email marketing. We provide for the successful and professional marketing of your services through expertise, hard work and great passion.


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To make your summer vacation travel is not ruined due to failure of the auto’s income you’re wearing, we recommend following these tips, so read them before signing the contract, to pack and getting into the car. 1) Check the tires. Verify that the tires are inflated to the level recommended by the automaker. The summer heat tends to increase the pressure in the tires, so try it before driving. Don’t forget to always carry a spare tire. With little inflated tires you risk to stay on the road. Remember a properly inflated tire will increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by 3 percent. (2) Check the essentials.

Check the oil after driving the car for a few minutes. It should be at one sufficient level. Although many technicians recommend a change the oil every 5,000 kilometers approximately, some manuals recommend that change to the 11 thousand kilometers. Also check out the windshield wipers. (3) Check all fluid levels. It may be that you’ve not wanted to review the amount of liquids, but keep in mind that this may affect you on the road. (4) Check that the car is clean.

Take a look inside the cart and Czech there are garbage and not have stains. (5) Prepare for the worst. You must have an emergency with some medication Kit, where you have some scratches, for example. It is advisable that you take things like a flashlight, a bottle of motor oil, wiper fluid, coolant bottle, an inflator of tires, starter cables, a kit of tools, toilet paper, bottles of drinking water, dried fruit or granola bars and a cell phone. (6) Drive at a moderate speed. You know or both that burning the Holy, nor so much that not it alum it, driving at an average speed can help you save gasoline that you could spend on a break. (7) Do not overload the car. Is not to overload the truck with passengers or load others, this would have a negative impact both your carriage suspension and shock absorbers. (8) Auto wash. In terms of aesthetics, make sure your truck is washed to avoid dust and dirt. (9) If you need to make a stop at a mechanical workshop during the road get it. This can improve the economy of your car at least of 4 to 12 percent. Only .procura is a certified repair shop and who has the necessary permissions so that you can provide proof to the car rental company. (10) Inspect the air conditioning system. Review in the first instance, lest not functions in full travel and will smother your body heat.


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The company specialized in solutions for SMEs and self-employed sysban online store creation has a turnkey solution that allows small merchants to sell online from the first moment, and has now incorporated the possibility that can sell directly on Facebook. We all know that Facebook today is a social network where almost half of the Spanish population passes 10% of the day within this social network. For even more details, read what Mitsubishi says on the issue. What better way of selling your products than Facebook, but good, and how to create an online store on facebook, because here Sysban has returned to surprise the Internet community and has provided in its shop solution an easy and simple integration with the online store, simply with a click can create our store on facebook. Sysban maintains a permanent commitment to technological development and the quality of its services, putting the most advanced design of stores online, accommodation infrastructure available to the self-employed and small businesses Web and telecommunications. You already know is the time, create your online store on Facebook and start selling.