Journal Promotion

| September 29, 2016

The editors’ Promotion of food. Prod & Prod announces the start of the final in this year’s number, which will be published on December 15. Functional purpose of this issue – to give participants an opportunity to food market, on the one hand – to congratulate partners with the New Year, on the other hand, […]

Support Tables

| September 23, 2016

Currently, great part of the people prefers to have one notebook to a conventional computer. This because they can be loaded for all the places. For the most vitiated, them they are an excellent option for never breaking up itself of the net. However, nor always she is possible to find a place to place […]


| September 22, 2016

In one he is alone dries, the misery I I bring a well bigger misery here in my chest. Necessary of peace, of freedom I feel prisoner, seems that a bow invisive me mooring cable. I want conhec, if he exists, a same freedom U It seems that you hearing a music inside of me […]

4 Tips To Save Money

| September 18, 2016

Saving money is a constant necessity. I live alone and I spend my parents money, so I try to make my expenses minimum, to not let them spend as much to them. Why all the time I wonder how to save money on every day why, for anyone who is in my condition, or need […]

Restoration Of Hardwood

| September 14, 2016

Parquet – is not just a floor covering. Parquet can rightfully be called a sacrament, part of your lifestyle. Hardwood floors look noble, have many useful properties. But the restoration of parquet – the task particularly responsible. How to refresh old, who lost many of their properties, but has artistic value floor? How to get […]

Book, Books, Nieblich

| September 13, 2016

FU of the 8.3-29.4.10 Wolfgang Nieblichs ‘Book worlds’ from Berlin is Berlin, 09.02.2010 – the material book, the artist Wolfgang Nieblich in our text-based culture is a particularly high priority, he developed views, supervision, intentions and insights. Entertaining, mentally pointedly complex draws the viewer in his work Nieblich, confronted him with the deficiencies and potential […]

The Rights Of Private Plr Past Present And Future

| September 8, 2016

We can define practical way, the Plr or private label rights, by its acronym in English, as those rights that the owner of a product or service transferred him to others, together with that product or service, to make use of them according to your desire and convenience. The Plr rights are generally transferred in […]