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Posted By on May 3, 2019

There are more and more tourists and locals who have not is a provision waged at random, since this city has become one of the epicenters of the tourism adventure in Mendoza due to its high mountains and its inactive volcanoes, its rivers and its diverse landscapes.Discovers each of the disciplines suitable for beginners and experts and launch yourself to the adrenaline of performing adventure tourism in Mendoza. Mountain Biking mountain biking, is a bike trip, on different floors. Therefore, you should only know riding a bike, to launch you to tour the wineries, you stop to taste their wines and know the wine museums of the place. Horseback riding if your passion is horseback riding, there nothing more enjoyable than to cross the mountains from Mendoza, enjoying the bounties of nature and the indigenous beauty. Rafting rafting is a sport team that takes place aboard a gomon on the rapids of the rivers, which can perform both experts and beginners, after a previous informative talk. There are different levels of rafting that according to the experience of each participant, it carried them delve and challenge the rapids in a fun way and example. Trekking trekking is a walk, performed in all types of terrain, by people of all ages.

There are varying degrees of difficulty, according to the experience and physical condition of the participants. In the ascent trekking, you will walk to the top of a hill that will allow to make out the landscape, from the Mendoza heights. Paragliding one all terrain vehicle, rises to the top of a hill so that the paraglider, which is dominated by a pilot, is set to fly by the heights next to a companion. If your dream is to fly like a bird, without a doubt, the paragliding ride is the ideal activity for you. Canopy the Canopy is a recent activity that consists of going over the landscapes, rivers, ravines and hills swinging through ropes and harnesses. This activity allows a stroll through the heights of landscapes, viewing the place from the heights.

A unique experience. ATV ATV rides they empower experience place on wheels, feeling the air, the speed and the texture of the soil, in an adventurous way. Other activities that allow to enjoy the mendocino landscape in a different way are: off road 4 4, skydiving and dune buggy. If you want to enjoy of Mendoza, as you’ve never before done anywhere else, visit Kahuak, tourism core adventure in Mendoza and discover the adrenaline of enjoy the landscapes and native nature. If you liked this article, share it. If you have a blog or website, you can link it or even post it on your own site.

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