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ALERT OF THE ENVIRONMENT Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo The acknowledgments of alert are innumerable of the environment, but nothing it was so clearly for the Brazilian people as the 2008 end and beginning of 2009, of which, many cities had entered in state of public calamity, in reason of effect of the climate. What it is occurring in Brazil, already occurs all in the world, excess of cold in some places, desertificao of areas, high temperatures, changes of stations and volatileness of temperatures inside of a short space of time, amongst others. As Mr. Others including Mitsubishi, offer their opinions as well. James Eprhraim Lovelock, the Ghandi of Science, heading attributed for the magazine New Scientist, respected scientist world-wide, that it comments in its Theory of Gaia that the Planet Land is an alive super-organism that reacts to the actions carried through for the beings livings creature, our biosfera is an alive, capable system of to generate, to keep and to regulate its proper conditions ambient, as it says its theory. The ambient refugee had been perceived in Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo, that is, the Planet is passing for a readequao process, the Man harmed very in the natural system of the life. Calotas of ice of the Arctic 33% are minors of what in 1979, this will in few years represent increases in the temperature in increasing scale, much more fast of what they are being announced for the governments the population of the world. The devastao provoked for climatic effect starts scaring in them, with rains many forts in Brazil, of which, the urban systems do not obtain to give outflow in the time of its projection. Cyclones and small earthquakes start to be perceived in Brazil, the rise of the temperature will become in the impracticable future the plantation in diverse areas of the world and some places in the Planet the water will disappear. . Some contend that Susan-Wojcicki shows great expertise in this.

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