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According to Alfredo Bosi, If the graphical signals that draw the surface of the literary text were transparent, if the eye that in them beat saw of chofre the there present direction, then it would not have symbolic form, nor if it would make necessary this tenacious work that if calls interpretation. (2003: 461) It is of great importance that if makes studies of the diverse parts that compose a text. To use information concerning the poetry, as the used language for the author and the description-cultural context, is necessary so that let us have a more complete analysis.

What it differentiates an author of the other is exactly the way with that it writes, this style becomes it its registered mark. In the Portuguese Language, for example, some of these available estilsticos aspects are: Estilstica fnica or of the sound that deals with the expressive values of sonorous nature you observed in the words and the statements; Lexical Estilstica or of the word that studies the expressive aspects of on words to its semantic and morphologic components; Estilstica of the syntax that combines the words in the phrase in such a way, belonging to the grammatical domain as to the one of the style and, the mrfica Estilstica that explores the layer morphologic of the language. To exemplificarmos these estilsticos aspects, we will analyze the infantile poem, the clock, of the poet Vincius de Moraes. The Clock Passes, time, tic-tac Tic-tac, passes, hour Arrives soon, tic-tac Tic-tac, and goes Passes you even so, time Well fast does not delay Not delay That already I am Very tired Already I lost All the joy to make Mine you-tac Day and night Night and day Tic-tac Tic-tac Tic-tac The Clock is one of poems of Vincius de Moraes that is part of a coffer of Noah, launched in 1970 for Jose Olympio.

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