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The same applies to which or areas where we have very solid floors. Here too, a higher external pressure acts on the basement walls. Therefore, this requires a close coordination of course already in advance with soil experts and geologists as the basis for the feasibility and implementation of a cellar. Here is whether and how a land exchange takes place, as it evenly distributes loads decided, whether the basement must be even on so-called stilts, whether the cellar is used maybe only half way in the ground. Because land is scarce and now also building areas are linked, which were not to the disposition in the past, such conditions and considerations are more reason enough even for building owners to leave the basement construction on absolute specialists and expertise and connected of course quality not an isolated case! Also, we employ structural engineers the experts for the conditions in the cellar construction for years, are, because in this area there are serious differences on the market. In addition, such expertise is also a good reason that home builder of in good conscience can make the decision for a cellar. Question: Expertise, expertise, quality tags, that want to be filled with life and particularly relies on which a customer at his project? What is it to make? Answer: we consider the problem of the tightness of the cellar: A sealing system must both work against rising leachate, soil moisture and water.

For this purpose we have developed a patented product detail system with our developed AquSafe, which creates the conditions for a dry cellar for the individually designed finished basement for each yet so complicated ground. Also a basement waterproofing must be protected from harmful influences of static or thermal type itself. We achieve this with a three-layer protective layer of membrane, floating foil and Filterflies and thus guarantee absolute water resistance.

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