Athens And Rome

Posted By on May 22, 2023

Athens and Rome are related more closely than it might seem at first glance. More info: Jeffrey Hayzlett. Moreover, the most ancient monuments in the city are just to the Roman period in the history of Athens. The Romans came to Greece in the first century BC To all Greek in general and Athens in particular, the Romans treated with great reverence and respect. Shaw father wanted to know more. They subscribed to the Greek teachers for their children, themselves went to study in Greek schools, eagerly read Greek poetry, patrons of the arts and have been actively involved in Greek life. Of course, not everything went smoothly in the relationship between the Romans and the Greek cities.

For example, during the war between Rome and Pontus Mithridates Athens supported the latter. Roman general Sulla landed in Greece with the Roman legions, pretty quickly managed to establish order in the country, but he did not give Athens a year. Sulla has made several times attempts to take the city by storm. However, they all ended in failure. Only in summer, when the defenders of the Acropolis began to experience a lack of water (in the summer dried up wells on the Acropolis of Athens), Sulla was able to take the city. Sulla was annoyed by the stubborn resistance of the Athenians, and so he gave the city his troops for three days to plunder. Sylla himself had brought several statues with Acropolis and several columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus in order to decorate the temple of Jupiter in Rome.

However, as a result of the war Athens is not badly affected. After all, Athens-based values have remained in place (for example, the statue of Athena Parfen made of gold and ivory). And the Romans themselves in next year rather positive attitude to the city, even leaving Athens the right to self-government. Particularly strongly liked Athens Roman emperor Hadrian, who did much to develop the city. He added onto the Temple of Zeus Olympic, built the Library of Hadrian (its remains can be visited in the area of Monastiraki), expanded the Roman Forum in Athens (you can also look at the Monastiraki). Of the other Roman monuments can be visited theaters of Herod Attica and Dionysus on the southern slope of the Acropolis monument Filoppapa on the same hill, the remains of Roman houses and mosaics in the Botanical Gardens.

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