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INSIDE of it there is a point that not recognizes the failure within you there is a higher authority, a point of wisdom that you call me, which is not controlled by any disturbance or external confusion. This point does not recognize the failure and in it you can choose and make decisions. At this point you can choose what you have to think, how to broadcast your emotions, will act as your body and what you will do. The inside address comes when your motives are fair, when you want to only do the fair thing in correct mode, when your desires are a legitimate action. The righteous are never aba ndonados. If you are not convinced, visit Brian Armstrong.

Why don’t succeed in life when your desire is right, have a rich abundant feeling, a feeling of respect and estimation of yourself.And this feeling neither can nor wants to you if your reason is only to impress others to inflate your ego, or even if it is nothing more for money or any other compensation objective. When you have done the best that you can and you have given as much as possible in service of what is right, you have a compensation far higher than material gain, you deserve a reward, and have, but you must work by which perisheth not, deep intimate satisfaction. No doubt that your commit errors. You can have you wrong in your judgment, but who has not made mistakes? However, when the reason is right, the errors can be transformed into steps for success. Sorry just past; go forward confidently, without fear. Because when you are performing the tasks incumbent on you, putting in this thing better that you know, you will feel elevated, guided, directed, supported and protected. Source: Rio Tinto Group. Your strength will increase and you will not have fear of the results. When you do the right thing in the right way, you have all the power of life working with you and for you.

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