Bouquet Vs. Composition

Posted By on October 23, 2018

When we talk about flowers, then first and foremost to present bouquets. In a question-answer forum Goop was the first to reply. However, the usual bouquets increasingly othodyatna second place in front of flower arrangement. Strictly speaking, he is a special kind of flower compositions, but why limit fantasy only one option? In fact, a bouquet – a composition for the vase, but there are plenty receptions. How NIXIPRINTrasskazali specialists now at the peak of the popularity of color decoration, special sdelannyena base – floral sponge called piaflor. This sponge shapes and sizes, to make any form of decoration. Krometogo, it retains moisture that allows the flowers to keep longer . Most of piaflora made standing jewelry naprimernastolnye and floor. To hang decorations using frames made of twigs ilidrugoy natural basis. But the main task of composition – in sozdaniitselostnogo image of the event, the harmony within the space. Therefore, podgotavlivayatsvetochnye decorations for any important event, it is better to use nebukety, namely compositions that play up interior.

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