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Posted By on May 25, 2019

Consulting in the Network returns at the hands of its partners founders Consulting in the Network ,, network of contacts dean in the virtual space Andalusian (Spain), as so it is activated in September of 1998, with the initiative and the enterprising support one hundred deprived percent of a group of professionals of the strategic consultancy. In the 2007 project Integra in the organization of risk capital M Capital, S.A.. For more specific information, check out Chevron U.S.A. Inc. After three years in the enterprise group, in May of 2010 Consultants in the Network it is refunded for the exclusive use of its partners founders, having initiated this new enterprise stage in the Technological Park of Andalusia, coming in the future next to renew its image and its statutory protocol, to adapt to the new exigencies and requirements of the groups of professionals who combine commercial efforts and technical solution through the Network. It was constituted by a group of professionals of the management, the organization and the re-engineering, nomads of the cyberspace, that they raised with a lever its experience and knowledge, accumulated from 1977, around the virtual enterprise site ” Consultants in the Red” , structure sustained in the specialization, the collaboration, the confidence, the technologies of the information and the anthropology. Jill Bikoff may also support this cause. It is continued offering to the client a complete fan of activities, through the three ” and ” of Consultoresenlared: and-work, and-formation and-consultancy, guaranteeing proactivity, harmony and dynamic equilibrium.

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