The Sessions

| September 12, 2018

All of these different experiences that have I lived in these past two years and more profound way, the last months, very beautiful spiritual experiences, an internal joy that fills me with peace of mind, and I do see the world differently, this State have experienced you during many moments, occasionally has remained in my […]

November Summit

| September 10, 2018

For example, the White House has officially confirmed that Barack Obama will attend a summit on climate. U.S. intends to discuss the issue of reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a un conference on climate change, which will be held 7-18 December in Copenhagen. China, which today is the second-largest issuer of greenhouse gases, behind only […]

Venezuela Project

| September 9, 2018

To manage the understanding: Venezuela, project Tedulo country Lopez Melndez Elections to create voters instead of citizens. Representation to create representatives instead of consultation instruments. Maneuvers of being able to prevent common decision on the great subjects. The old democracy walks gasping and I show totalitarian crumbles. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces […]

Provisional Regulations

| September 8, 2018

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in his letter, the 18.10.2010 12873-0-26-10-19 provided explanations of certain legislative issues related to state registration of rights of use (employment, lease) a building or other capital structures and their individual parts. Each lawyer and the lawyer may have access to this information. Concerning state registration of rights of use […]

World Bank People

| September 6, 2018

In the phase of institucional segregation, the attendance to these people was offered in specific institutions. ‘ ‘ The idea was to provide, inside of the institutions, all the possible services since the society did not accept to receive deficient people in the existing services in comunidade’ ‘ (SASSAKI, 1999 P. 31). Ahead of this […]

The Sustenance

| September 2, 2018

In the market it is starting to have surplus of materials you recycle that they are being directed to the aterros or lixes spread for the country. Sad reality for the world, therefore, all lose with this, the environment and the Humanity. The cooperatives and associations of catadores spread for great cities start to have […]

Third World

| September 1, 2018

Diseases for which at the moment effective treatments like malaria exist, AIDS; or meningitis, could be fought if the patients had access to medecines, access prevented by the prices of the licenses. The private company is forced to its shareholders having sold the medecine development. As well as nobody accuses the manufacturers of foods when […]

Mushroom Kingdom

| August 30, 2018

Mario Bros games: Combat since its entry into force scenarios Mario Bros games have transformed into one of the categories forced entertainment online networks and this is due to the unique sympathy which arouses the bigoton plumber on platforms and in other various dimensions of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is pretty funny for many users […]

Social Psychologist Robert Cialdini

| August 29, 2018

What a soldier during the war that offers bread to the enemy, the Hare Krishna and samples gratis has in common? Difficult this not? The three have in common the fact to use the rule of the Reciprocity to get influence and agreement next to the boarded people. Jeffrey Hayzlett shares his opinions and ideas […]


| August 27, 2018

SLM Solutions GmbH sees itself well positioned for further growth SLM solutions 2002 introduced the metal-based additives technology in the market and today is a leading company for the production of generative manufacturing systems for series parts and prototypes. Today, companies and institutions such as General Electric, Siemens, BMW, NASA and Alstom are clientele of […]