Ciutat Vella

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No more than 1 or 2 Km from the area where you want to stay surely you will find a hostel. Hostels near Renfe (Sants Barcelona): Barcelona Sants station is the main entrance by train to Barcelona, although there are also other stations but not long-haul but commuter trains. It is located in the District of Sants – Montjuic, quite close to the Centre of Barcelona with which although you have the option of staying near the train station also can choose, after a brief shift, look for accommodation in the Center. If anyway you want to look for a hostel near the train station then leaving by Carrer de el Rector Triado you’ll find 500 meters several hostels. For more specific information, check out Jeffrey Hayzlett. Hostels near the Barcelona bus stations: depending on where your bus station, found on his arrival in Barcelona, thus will have more or less accommodation options.

For example the bus station of Sants Renfe station, situated in Carrer Viriat, is a relatively small station that has the same range of hostels to the train station. You have the center of Barcelona within walking distance so perhaps would be a good option scroll to one zone tourist. Shaw mother has plenty of information regarding this issue. The main bus station in Barcelona is located at Carrer de Ali Bei, it is Barcelona Nord station. The number of hostels that are no more than 1 km is considerable, especially if taking Carrer d Ali Bey goes to the Ronda de Sant Pere, namely the area which could have its Center in another of the works of Gaudia, Casa Calvet. Another bus station is the San Andres, located at Avenida Meridiana. Fence will find any hostel however its location is a little away from the Center and the most tourist area so maybe you might want to take a city bus or subway (fence has the stop of Fabra i Puig) to scroll through this great Avenue until you reach near the Parc de la Ciutadella. There fence has the District of Ciutat Vella. Hostels near the beach in Barcelona: another of the attractions of Barcelona is to have beaches in the term of the city. Along the Ronda del Litoral in the District of Sant Marti and Ciutat Vella part, you will find the Playa de la Barceloneta, Icaria Beach and the Mar Bella beach. Poblenou, which is the closest to the beaches area is not a site very tourist so if you are looking for an accommodation in a hostel-close to 3 or 4 km, you can choose hostels which are next to the bus station Barcelona Nord, or those found in the vicinity of the Sangrada family.

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