Cote De Granit Rose – Gorgeous And Bizarre

Posted By on September 15, 2019

Along the beautiful coastline of French Brittany a car ride or hike along the northern coast of Brittany leaves no room for boredom. Sandy and long bays alternate with rough and rugged rock formations. Wind and weather have created rock formations that would provide artists or sculptors in this impressive art. The sea trying to conquer parts of the French coast with high waves and impetuous surf and will try this over more centuries. The sound of the surf and the whistle of the wind, testifies to the tireless work of the tides in the constant competition between land and sea. It’s a typical summer day in Brittany.

Gulls circling in their search for food over the steep sloping rocks and slopes. The stiff wind seems to bother them. Since the hikers along the cliffs have much more trouble. You defy the weather with hats and protective clothing. After all, the Sun looks very often by the Cloud cover out. They gives this Breton landscape, the typical flair of the North coast of France as the visitors and vacationers looking for him and love.

A quaint-looking Lighthouse rises in the distance. He is not very high and is not the typical appearance at first sight as known from numerous other sections of coast. He acts like a huge monument, which was built with the surrounding granite. The closer you get to the building, his sight appears all the more fascinating. It is the lighthouse of Ploumanac’h ‘ h and probably one of the most popular photo motives of Brittany. They are called Pink Granite Coast, this unique stretch of coastline of Brittany. Cote de granit rose in the French original name you feel literally this color and warmth. This coast is located near the town of PERROS-GUIREC, between Paimpol and TREBEURDEN. The rays of the warm afternoon sun conjure up an incredible sight. The numerous reddish rock formations reflect the light of the Sun and plunge the entire There is a stretch of coast in a color that lets each photographer and painter in raptures. A few kilometers before the coast was only a rough image of weather used Brittany and suddenly changes the landscape in a lovely-looking section of colors and reflections. The region is even more beautiful when low tide also displaces the water for a few hours in the ocean. Hundreds of pink granite stones and rocks reveal their complete fairytale-like shape. You can walk through between them or raise them views in all directions of the region of Brittany. Many of the granite formations have a name now. Some, like Napoleon’s hat, have gained even a historical significance. Read more here: Jeffrey Hayzlett. Other stones are similar to animals and have corresponding names. The few kilometers long route along the pink granite coast served for centuries of the gendarmerie on their hunting after smugglers. It’s this section part of the Breton hiking trail along the North Coast, each year thousands of hikers and nature-lovers use to explore Brittany. Who the Cote de granit rose in the North of Brittany once on a sunny summer afternoon visited has a life will be probably long this spell of warmth, colour and light, as you will find him seldom in another European region. This is also a charm which you do not necessarily want to be exempted from. Jurgen Gobel, Jena

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