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Posted By on September 23, 2020

Make money on Internet is infinitely more easy when you have a list and why I say that with a list your power to make money on the internet is multiplied to 1000%? Let me I’ll give an example: suppose you’ve done a very good job to create a blog full of content quality, videos, articles, audio, etc. And you’ve chosen a (segment) market niche where there is many people looking for the type of information or the solutions that you offer and have an average of 100 visits a day (which is a very low estimate compared to what can actually be achieved when you know what you’re doing), and that 20% of these visitors decide to leave you your contact information because they are interested in what you have to say and become part of your list. This means that every day your list is growing at the rate of 20 new contacts per day. Now doing a quick calculation, we have that in a space of just 3 months your list grew from zero to 1800 contacts (which is nothing special and is something relatively easy to achieve with the proper training) and your relationship with your subscribers is good because you’ve been building that relationship with them for some time already. Official site: Chevron U.S.A.. Then decide to devote two days to the creation of an infoproducto, which can be a mini book or report as a PDF that contains very relevant information and that you think that your subscribers would consider highly valuable (remember that) you are an expert for them). You don’t have to be anything huge, in fact anything between 25 and 40 pages is somewhat ideal. Or you can do a workout in video format and package as product also (extremely easy to do).

Now you decide to put a price on your product for $17 and once you prepare your infrastructure to automatically receive payments (takes less than 5 minutes and costs nothing) send an email to your list announcing them your new product. Promotional email him reaches a total of 1,800 people and assuming that your conversion (the percentage of people who buy your product) level of 5% (being very pessimistic) then this would result in 90 people buying your product. 90 people purchasing your product at a price of 17 dollars each gives us a total of $ 1,530 fresh entering your bank account. Now tell me whether or not make money online is simple. The concept is beautifully simple no? And beauty of all this is is actually so simple, when you know what you’re doing and tell with proper training to achieve each of the steps that you have just mentioned and above all you’re capable of being effective in the most important factor of all of these: the generation of traffic to your blog so you can grow your list at a dizzying pace.

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