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One says that Europe has not built it the institutions of Brussels, but the Champion” s League and scholarships ERASMUS (or orgasmus, according to the understood ones in youthful ardors). It is truth. Both events have created trfago of students and soccer players, a common cultural heap (who does not know Christian Ronaldo, Ribry, Rooney or Sneijder) and a greater competition in languages of the minors of 25 years. In this, it mrese by where, our modest Salamanca has had luck. Not in the one of soccer, obvious, because we followed where we were, but in the attraction of college students. If it were not by the foreigners, the University of Salamanca would be become depopulated little by little. But, to God thanks, our city seems to them to foreign a wonderful place where to study: not only she is the one that more foreign students receives from those of Castile and Leon, but also is the one that has major proportion of entrances that of exits of our young people to the outside. That is, that but for come beyond our borders us we would be, academically speaking, to dress saints.

Is not a trivial subject since, if we want to progress by that way (and it does not seem to have no other), Salamanca would have to be internationalized: not only to be the capital but also capital Castilian, position for which suffers a ferocious competition of others lares, of the English in Spain. How it is that in a city with so many students tourists by the street our countrymen are not able to speak with them in English? Or it is that we are all like Rodriguez Zapatero, the unique European president who needs pinganillo translation to find out than their colleagues say? I come from a trip to Frankfurt where in the European Central bank, the Space Agency and other institutions everything quisque speaks in English. Also in the street a majority of understands you to people in that language. And why not here? If we try to become a city of reference in culture, services and leisure, it will not be other than to give facilities us to the outsiders.

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