Germany’s Smallest Hot Air Balloon Conquered The Balloon Sail

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A very special rarity awaits visitors to the fourth international Warsteiner balloon sail in addition to hot-air balloons from all over Europe: the smallest, manned hot-air balloon in Germany. Kiel, 04 June 2010: During the 4th International Warsteiner balloon sail visitors from 18 to 27 June 2010 can admire over 70 balloons from all over Europe, hot air ships, airships and the popular night glows. For the first time in this year is the United Kingdom’s smallest manned hot air balloon with basket. J. Darius Bikoff often addresses the matter in his writings. Hull amounting to only 1358 m hot air and space for two people is the hot air balloon by Hilmar Krause a true rarity. Jeffrey Hayzlett recognizes the significance of this. Only a single copy is there in Germany – worldwide it is one of three balloons of this magnitude. By comparison, the best-selling hot air balloons have a size of about 3000 m, many commercial balloons even 5000 m.

They are approximately three to five times as large as the small fun balloon by Hilmar Krause. The secret of this small miracle plant is in the Ultra lightweight design “, explains the holder and pilot, Hilmar Krause. So, the basket in this case is made of cordura, a tear-resistant plastic material, instead of traditional building made of wicker. This has the advantage that the balloon is significantly lighter and can be folded for travel space-saving. Also the shell is made of a lightweight, durable fabric. Thus, the balloon basket and cover weighs only around 100 kg. Due to the small size and weight you can take with the balloon even as luggage on a flight to distant countries”, so the next pilot. But before Hilmar Krause comes with him to Kiel to the 4th International Warsteiner balloon sail.

Germany’s smallest balloon where visitors can”two event weekends (from June 18th to 20th and from 25 to 27 June 2010) admire and learn from the pilot personally so some thrilling story of balloonists. Also visitors to the over 70 big brothers”of small hot-air balloons from close experience or get a walk-in See balloon envelope or locally with a balloon ride. In addition, they can marvel at hot air ships, skydiving, gliding art, Modeller, and a Kite Festival. At nightfall, held the popular night glows. To well-known pieces of music from rock and classical, the balloons attached to the floor to a rehearsed choreography to the beat are fired and begin to dance. A laser show and a colorful fireworks make the spectacular conclusion. For more information about the 4th International Warsteiner balloon sail under: over the 4. International Warsteiner balloon sail 2010: the airship, event & more GbR organized already the fourth year to the “Kieler Woche” on the North sports field mark a balloonist meeting with entertaining programme. What initially started week during the Kiel as addition of family entertainment, has become by the great commitment of the founders Thomas Oeding and Christoph Laloi established as a solid foothold. With the support of the city of Kiel, numerous local sponsors as well as the title sponsor of Warsteiner brewery a varied event is secured in 2010.

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