Greek Island Santorini

Posted By on January 5, 2019

Santorini offers exceptional hostels in the volcanic rock that Greek island of Santorini is at any time a popular tourist destination. Beyond the hustle and bustle, vacationers can experience a touch of adventure here: in old cave dwellings which are used as tourist accommodations. The travel portal presents the unusual combination of antique charm and modern comfort. RioCan : the source for more info. Holidaymakers should detour on their journey to Greece to Santorini and station in a traditional Cave Hotel. The island is located a half hour’s flight from Athens and received over 3000 years ago by a devastating volcanic eruption, leaving the island today Crescent-shaped appearance. What was once the crater that was full of water. Earlier, residents dug their homes into the soft tufa stone of the crater rim. Today they are considered preferred location for hotels and restaurants, the wonderful view due.

The cave dwellings that are rented to tourists, are modern equipped. For example, the hotel Canaves OIA I & II. Built on the crater rim, offers the hotel provides its guests wonderful panoramic views of the caldera. Parts of the hotel date from the 18th century and have been perfectly combined with modern comfort. How to find guests in the rooms next to traditional Greek furnishings, satellite TV, music system, as well as freshwater swimming pool and Sun terrace. From here, holidaymakers can enjoy the deep glittering sea and the romantic sunsets. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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