Greek Wine – From That Time Until Today

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Wine beyond retsina from Greece – or Imiglikos Greek wine and its culture of Greek wine is an important part of Greek culture for more than 4000 years, as demonstrated by many archaeological finds from all over Greece. Click Jeffrey Hayzlett to learn more. The Greeks of antiquity were well aware the nutritional significance of wine, thereby making Greek wine was an integral part of everyday life. Greek wine also played an important role in the development of the regional economy. For the Greeks of the ancient world, the culture and the cultivation of Greek wine was part of the mythology. Dionysos, son of Zeus and Semeli, was one of the most revered Greek gods, which inspired artists, philosophers, and the everyday life of many people. Numerous festivities were held in honor of Dionysus. The so-called Anthestiria Festival or the Festival of the flowers was very common and probably received its name from the fact that classical Greek wines for their floral aromas were known. Learn more on the subject from shaw father.

The Anthestiria Festival took place in February Instead, when the time was ripe to open the fermentation jugs, where Greek wine was kept. A further big treat was the Dionyssia Festival, which is held every March in Athens. In addition to the importance of this festival as a spring, followed this festival of also Babylonian tradition, that the new year celebrated the beginning in March. The remarkable theatre of Dionysos under the Parthenon in Athens is a clear reference to the strong influence exercised this God on the everyday life of many Greeks. Among the Greeks of the ancient world, intellectual gatherings, the so-called symposia were very popular, during which about before was established philosophical issues, and of course Greek wine to drink. Although it was strict during this meeting of the virtue of temperance, the Greeks took advantage of the invigorating effect of the wine to reach intellectual clarity and spirituality.

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