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Posted By on April 17, 2018

The estuary of Bilbao is not only the environment in which shines the Guggenheim Museum, is also the land that saw the birth and has inspired the work of a designer who has managed to become true work of art, within the world of author jewelry metal. In recent months, RioCan has been very successful. We interviewed Elena Cancer, now converted in Elena Canter, to know in depth the creative universe of his work. You went to philologist and the end has become one of the representatives of the Spanish handmade jewelry. How realizes the jump?The truth is that like everything in life, things emerging. I was studying at the University of Deusto and decided to end the career of French Philology in Madrid, where I began to discover another world. At the end of the 1970s, along with my mother, I moved to Ibiza and we decided to open two antique shops, in which we were selling costumes for theatre, Art-deco trims, buttons and jewels of bakelite, among other things.

Always art, costumes, has interested me much hats have a special fascination for the Art-Deco and the antique jewelry, of all ages, but mostly because I am more interested in forms that the quality of the stones. There was a time in the Golden twenties in which hats adorned impressive items. This was perhaps what led me to create my first collection of accessories. Why he decided to that path and not another?I opted for jewelry design because the clothing is not my forte, I am perhaps one woman objects to fashion. I always say of myself that I am closer to the design of a lamp than a dress, although I also collaborated on a collection of shoes. To me it was more accessible, it was closest to my area of knowledge. I’ve always thought that the jewelry wholesaler world is closer to art, the ornamental world, which is really where I feel comfortable.

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