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Posted By on September 4, 2015

In my case, on a daily basis contact or contacts with me many of them, or by consultations of product, special operations, supplies, etc. Also I realise visits in person by zones, this is something that thank for the franchise-holders and that help us to know their restlessness and also products that move in certain markets . Which will be the masterful lines in marketing facing the 2011? We are immersed in several projects, one is the one to update and to improve our Web, to present/display new exclusive project HP Print Station (professional print servers) and to generate a new annual catalogue extending in more than 200 pages present . They have had to reinforce some action facing the economic times that we are living years in the last? Logically, the crisis through which we are happening forces to look for more incentives to us for our clients. For that reason there are including several pages in each catalogue with special supplies with improvements of prices or gifts of merchandise . So many years of fidelity to the mark mean for you who Carlin has a gift like company and that makes him be different itself in the market? which is? Without a doubt, in a market in which mobility is very high, the fact to take in one more a same company than 10 years must to several factors. One, of course the solution and seriousness of the own mark. But without a doubt, which more it draws attention in Carlin is the support from the Main directorate to develop new ideas, the proximity to the own direction and a team of young and dynamic collaborator ..

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