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Motivate them not in money, and corporate standards. "And although according, 35% of Russian companies adhere to free-style clothing, heads of organizations are always strictly adhere to standards of business style. Some species of female dress code Formal, Full dress – recommended ballroom platySemi-formal, Smoking – Day allowed cocktail dresses, evening – vechernie.Informal – kostyum.Smart business casual – jeans are allowed, slacks or skirt with a turtleneck or blouse, maybe a jacket, sweater, jacket, belt, shoes or boots shoes to stockings, socks or tights. There are earrings, unless they are combined with rest .Business casual, Country Club – textile pants, long shorts or capri pants with this polo.Po Association of Image Consultants International (International Association of Image Consultants) Another important aspect is the internal quality of a woman leader. Occupying preside, any person regardless of gender, must show a guarantee of reliability, stability and success of the organization entrusted to him.

The most important element of effective management is competent business communications: ability to create a favorable psychological climate, make a good impression of yourself and have a clear line . surface ownership of knowledge in the field of nlp, the rules of interpersonal communication, allows businesswoman enlist the support of the interlocutors and provides long-term mutually beneficial relationships with both business partners and colleagues and subordinates. It was long thought that the psychological characteristics Women make management of the company less efficient. But today it is proved that the issue of administration of the company, forecasting, planning and control, leadership style does not have rigid gender restrictions. Since the main characteristic of the control reduces to the result from those of his or her decisions. However, the most important factor for becoming a leader of professional competence. Modern business woman knows it, and anxious to improve their skills. Not surprisingly, the proportion of women in business education is 30% in the U.S.

the figure is 49%. Of course, the cis countries have something to strive, but we need noted a steady growth of those entering the mba program and the participation of women leaders in many other educational projects. According to a study conducted by 'Grant Thorton' in 36 countries, Russia is second place (42%) in the number of private companies whose executives are women. Ahead of the Philippines (47%). Three leaders closes Thailand (38%). Given the laws of image formation, we can talk about what Technologies need to learn every woman, especially in leadership positions to create your success and a decent image. One method of forming the image includes 6 steps: 1. Determination of positive and negative aspects of the current image. Drawing up a fashion obraza.2. Formation of the external parameters of a new image: the selection of clothing, makeup, hairstyles. Developing the necessary gestures, gait, facial expressions and t.d.3. Working off communicative Mechanics: improving the skills of public speaking, negotiation, formulation of articulation, verbal expression emotsiy.4 adjustment. Mastery of effective behavioral techniques: deepen the knowledge of psychology, samopoznanie.5. Formation of internal physiological and psychological climate: maintain a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, exercise, development of methods for relieving stress and t.d.6. Improving professionalism: self-education and training in business schools, participation in seminars, training, learning foreign languages, learn new skills and knowledge, skills, etc.

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