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Pixmac, the microstock industry revolutionary image agency, presents a new picture agencies on Visual characteristics-based unique images search tool. Becky Mann: the source for more info. The Visual similarity image search tool. The Agency has currently more than 10 million images. In addition to my pictures are also images from Fotolia, Dreamstime, image source, Corbis, Image100, Zefa, mood Board, Somos, InsideOutPix and image store in the database. The steadily rising number of images, it is essential to simplify the search for the suitable image in the long run.

Initiative the Visual similarity tool was developed in cooperation with Ximilar. A Visual-based search tool for images. Starting from an image, visually similar images are found. Here, the composition, the contours, the colors, the textures, and published objects in the image plays a role. The search for the suitable picture this is faster and more accurate.

Next to each requested image on the Web page you visually appear similar images to the left. * If you click on continue, more will The Visual search results shown * clicking on the title, visually similar images then all matches are displayed. Here you can upload an image and look for its Visual-like images. Whether you are a Web Designer, creative hotbed, University, writer and Publisher, advertising agency, company or operation. If you need royalty-free images, you are wasting anymore so much time with the image search.

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