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Posted By on January 10, 2020

2 – Coordinator of the Project: nderson Tavares Alves. 3 – Participant professor of the Project: – Thas (Biology) – Fernando (Portuguese) – Waldizia (Sciences) 4 – Managing: – Adriana Mrcia Ribeiro Ferrari Supervisor: – Glura Lcia de Almeida 5 – School of Origin of the Project: State school ‘ ‘ Rousset’ professor; ‘ 6 – Summary: The Project, however presented, is an initiative to interdisciplinar with sights to contribute for the improvement of the ambient quality, at the same time, to sensetize its users with regard to the importance to know and to preserve the existing flora in the pertaining to school perimeter. Entorno has as objective end to minimize the impacts on the existing flora and in the areas it has limited of the cited enterprise. It presents, still, resulted or direct indirect a set of procedures that, when effected, will constitute a compensation of impacts already established inside of the area to be preserved, as of conscientious destructions or not.

Words – key: Interdisciplinaridade, support, change of behavior, participation, sensitization, planning, management. 7 – Justification: The subject of the sustainable ambient management if inserts in one of the prioritized lines, come back toward the accomplishment of ambient studies with prominence for the disposal and adjusted handling, monitoramento and sustainable handling of natural resources and evaluation of partner-economic and ambient impacts. If you are not convinced, visit Chevron U.S.A.. The project has the characteristic of program directed toward permanent actions, in view of the monitoramento of the reached results. These results will allow to evaluate the adopted methods of planning and management and the improvement of the quality of the school. The school has, amongst its goals, wakening in its pupils the ambient comprometimento with its paper in the construction of the sustainable development, in the boarding of contents technician and, at the same time, to be prepared to adopt an proactive attitude of improvement of the quality of life.

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