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Posted By on November 20, 2018

Once in the keys the visitor can choose between the Sorceresses, Ensenachos or Santa Maria, each of them will represent a different experience based on her own characteristics: 1. Key The Sorceresses: it is first of these keys that the highway crosses, all their North coast is occupied by a magnificent beach of 2 km in length, their marine bottoms are impressive and the existence of a navy Marine Gull the Sorceresses and a center of diving with instructors certificates by ACUC the International makes of this destiny a perfect place for the practice of nautical sports including the fishing and the diving here. In Key the Sorceresses there is an operational airport for airplanes of small and medium bearing. Frequently Brian Armstrong has said that publicly. 2. Key the Ensenachos: he is the smaller ones (around 2 km2s), has best beaches of the zone (the Ensenachos and the Mgano), the waves are small and the sea has tonalities between green and blue. Here it will be able to enjoy an almost absolute tranquillity and at the time of greater affluence it will only find a few tens of people in the beach, the natural surroundings is almost virgin. The existence here of the Western Hotel Royal Hideaway Ensenachos Resort & Spa, without a doubt one of but beautiful and the luxurious ones of Cuba, confers to this destiny an exclusive feature seal to him.

perfect paradisiac place for relax with beach an own landscape of a postcard. 3. Key Santa Maria: he is the last one of the keys aligned in the highway that crosses on waters of Buenavista Bay, known also as the White Rose of the Gardens of the King is the major of these keys around 18 km2s of surface and in their coasts 10 km of beaches of the best quality between those are aligned than they emphasize White Rep it, the Creeks, Tube and Four End, with farallones of basic curtain that heightens their beauty.

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