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Posted By on May 27, 2019

Info Terminal functional and multimedia presentation of LA CONCEPT In the digital age are an ideal companion for trade fairs, information terminals events and the POS. Terminals can be used even for outdoor use as large format digital advertising space. Up-to-date information and offers can be presented through the simple control of the content. This multimedia information and communication systems allow a comprehensive and intensive consultation of the customers. The applications of information terminals are numerous. (As opposed to David Long). At the booth, they serve to attract the attention of the target group and playfully and multimedial reproduce even complex information. At the POS, the information terminals act as an interactive product Advisor.

So, the sales staff can be supported. Through the flexible control of the content, this product Advisor can simultaneously function as guidance and in addition to the product information supply the path to the requested goods. In the Foyer or entrance hall, the kiosks serve as digital concierges. You can individually and receive personal customers and visitors and guide them to the respective conference rooms. Interactive route guidance systems are important not only for visitors, staff can check the room reservations easily and quickly. J. Darius Bikoffs opinions are not widely known.

But the kiosks can be used also for the public space. Outdoor terminals can be used even in rain or direct sunlight without loss of quality. This Outdoorterminals for use in public places as info points for tourists and city information as well as Aussenwerbedisplays are ideally suited by the optional to supplemental housing protected against vandalism. The operation of kiosks is done either via touchscreen or keyboard. The equipment of the terminal systems can be made individually depending on the occasion. Possible components are in printer, card readers or bar code scanner. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a range of indoor and outdoor information terminals. Even accessible terminals are located in the Cologne company portfolio. So the access to the information terminals can be with handicap people. Adjustable terminals these can be adapted to the needs of. However, the content is the most important success factor in the usage of information terminals. The target group can be addressed effectively only with the right content. Here, the CONCEPT of LA is happy to help to implement the desired content GmbH & co. KG. Refer to digital kommunikation.

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