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Posted By on November 5, 2016

The history of our culture can be represented in our classified ads or advertising from Pompeii to the internet. The ads tell us much about the needs of a civilization, as they were and how managed to survive in certain areas. In England in the 15th century, hand-written notices were tacked on poles and walls in the public areas. Approximately the years 1, 600, news books were printed with early examples of people searching for lost land listings. In the United States the first public newspaper was printed in the 1,690 year in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but the first ad was published until the year 1,704 at the Boston News-Letter.

This announcement asked readers if they wanted to advertise any House, land, ship, goods or merchandise in the newspaper for a reasonable fee. Since then the concept of advertising and ads grew and spread around the world. Some examples of the first classified in the category of lost and found were: is He found the last week a saddle, with several apples and other expensive groceries. Posted in January 1778 in the Massachusetts Spy or American Oracle of Liberty. A reflection of the times and their culture came to be more evident with the listings at the beginning of the 1,800 years for the capture of fugitive slaves. The ads contained information more detailed regarding the direction where to reply to the ad or what to do in the event that the slave out captured, how much was offered reward for his capture, and an extra monetary incentive if were punished the slave to lashes for having fled. On the other hand, ads were placed to contact the owner of the slave found and if this did not respond within the stipulated time, the slave would be sold to the highest bidder.

After the civil war, African American newspapers allowed to free slaves place ads to search and find the members of their families, who had escaped or sold many years earlier. Hundreds of years later people are still looking for, but today, the searches are more like: employment, home, cars, antiques, or partner. The section of found and lost still exists, but ads are now by pets or personal items, not people. Another change has been the INTERNET, bringing those classified in a new light. Biliones classified ads are uploaded to the Internet. The evolution of classified ads has brought us to a place where the times have changed, but human nature remains the same. No matter in which century we find ourselves, people always put ads to sell their belongings, find lost articles, job search, or find an offer. Classified ads are eternal.

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