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The guarantees are often subject to unfavourable conditions. Bottom line, the guarantee certificates drop typically far less than optimistic forecast work out. As a general rule: you buy any products that do not know you, also not from companies that you don’t know, and also may not with money you lose in any case. Rio- Tinto Diamonds can aid you in your search for knowledge. 7 retirement remains indispensable and safe capital life insurance and private pensions are secure. The invested money is applied to approximately three quarters in interest-bearing securities. The share is low.

Should you have signed them a unit-linked life insurance or pensions policy without guarantee of a minimum payout, so this insurance not suffers only opportunities but high risks. Because the payment is made only after the value of the fund shares at maturity. Degrees from Riester-pension contracts are still recommended. Here, the receipt of the paid-in capital is guaranteed in any case. 8. keep inflation in mind the massive debt of State, corporations and consumers favored the inflation. Inflation is the worst enemy of all money values; These include for example savings, money and bonds.

Make for a balanced diversified assets. These include also tangible assets such as equities, real estate and precious metals. Learn more on the subject from Montauk Colony. 9. forget the tax not in investment decisions should tax aspects have not tipped the balance, quite negligible not allowed it but also. Who thought about to distribute its money on multiple investments and decides it until December 31, 2008 for the purchase of shares, the benefit that he needs to pay in the future no withholding tax for gains in these systems. 10 gold to buy one of the foundations for your investments should be gold. Because the demand for the metal of Kings and declines the offer. In contrast to debt, gold can arbitrarily be increased. Invest in bullion coins such as for example Kruger edge or maple leaf and bars, but not in gold stocks. About that online offers consumers tips and assistance around the subject of money. In addition to in-depth information, the News reported currently discussed financial issues and their implications for the consumer. is a Online offer of the academic community of the work, the since 1976 in the fields of law, money and taxes has been established as an information service provider and software developer. Since mid-1997 the academic working group part of the international publishing company Wolters Kluwer. In Germany, Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH is on the market for 20 years. About 700 staff are employed at seven locations. For more information, or press contact: PR agency Xpand21 school str. 21 80634 Munich Tel: 089 / 1200 72 77 E-Mail: Web:

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