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Posted By on August 31, 2017

Athens is a visit forced for the lovers of the classic Antiquity. The travellers eager to reconstruct the adventures described by Homero in the Odyssey and the Iliad, usually take a break in the way to admire the ruins of the Partenn and to visit the Greek capital. The expert ones on the global heating consider very warm summers within ten years. Who visits Athens in one decade must count on temperatures average superiors to 40 degrees and much pollution. The skiers must be useful to descend by slopes of the most popular mountains of the Alps. Until now warmer invier to us in the last 500 years were the seasons of 1994, 2002 and 2003, being the mountain range this harm more by the heating.

The stations located in the highest summits, like Kitzbhel in Austria, are most vulnerable. Present the 609 resorts alpine will diminish to 500 if the temperatures to a degree stay, and if they raise two degrees, the cut will be more drastic: 404 will only be viable. The National Park of the Everglades in Florida welcomes a unique tropical ecosystem in the world. Twelve species in extinction danger have their unique dwelling in their rushes. When it increases the temperature the level of the sea will raise and flood the cane plantations, and it will lose his characteristic Flora and Fauna. The divers must hurry. The reefs of chorale of Australia will change radically. The despigmentacin of the chorales is increased of alarming form due to a more and more warm sea.

The surface of reefs already has diminished a 5 percent. The scientists think that in 2050 reefs they will be colonised by organisms completely different from the chorale. This one will desaparacer completely. Venice, the city of the high water, has a very appropriate name. The expensive and new tilted barriers against the floods, denominated System MOSE, will not serve as much. The tide raises over the 110 centimeters four times the year, at the moment. At the end of this century, the city will be able to undergo more frequent floods. Between 30 and 250 times to the year. Jeffrey Hayzlett is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The impact on means local atmosphere and the tourism will be considerable.

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