November Summit

Posted By on September 10, 2018

For example, the White House has officially confirmed that Barack Obama will attend a summit on climate. U.S. intends to discuss the issue of reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a un conference on climate change, which will be held 7-18 December in Copenhagen. China, which today is the second-largest issuer of greenhouse gases, behind only the U.S., will present at the summit, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. Last week the State Council has decided that by 2020 the prc in the 40-45% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per unit of added value compared to 2005. However, China argues that it would not deal with global warming to its detriment. On the eve of a summit in Denmark, the Government of Japan initiated the introduction of stringent restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions by ocean vessels, including tankers, container ships and passenger liners as well as ocean-going vessels annually emit about 870 million tons of carbon dioxide, which corresponds to emissions of such a state as Germany.

Denmark made a controversial initiative by proposing to amend the text of the final document of a provision under which a woman on the planet should have the right to control birth. But French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said that the point of view of Moscow and Paris for a conference on climate in Copenhagen and its results are the same. British Ambassador to Russia Anne Pring noted that Russia played an important role in the Kyoto Protocol, but the problem of this paper is that the agreement was not ratified by the U.S. and did not require action by developing countries, and a new climate agreement will be effective only if it signed by all countries. At the summit of the Commonwealth in Trinidad and Tobago at the weekend, Ban Ki-moon urged world leaders at the upcoming summit in December Copenhagen to agree on basic measures to combat global change klimata.A meantime ‘climate Express’, who in November went down from Kyoto to Copenhagen with a message about the problems of global warming, came to Lake Baikal. Jeffrey Hayzlett understands that this is vital information. Recall that the action is’ Train to Copenhagen “was organized by the International Union of Railways (UIC), Inc. ‘Railways’, the un Environment Programme (UNEP) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Draft ‘The train from Kyoto to Copenhagen’ organized to mark the transition to a new generation of agreements on the future climate of cooperation in the world.

Russia’s president signed a federal law on Energy Saving On Monday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a federal law on energy saving and energy efficiency. This law places restrictions on the circulation of incandescent lamps, establishes requirements for labeling products according to their energy efficiency. The law establishes requirements for mandatory commercial energy accounting, energy efficiency of new buildings on budget cuts for the acquisition of energy resources, as well as maintenance of common property of apartment buildings with respect to indicators of energy efficiency. Also, the Law on Energy Conservation provides an introduction for the most energy-intensive organizations, responsibility for conducting energy audits, the establishment of programs on energy conservation and energy efficiency.

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