Original BALL Man SANGRIA Comes…

Posted By on January 17, 2023

Munich company receives Ballermann trademark license for Sangria BALL man Germany’s Party and event brand No. 1 SANGRIA awarded the exclusive license rights for the original BALL man internationally active family-owned company BINDERER St. URSULA Weinkellerei GmbH from Munich to the. It’s BALL man and SANGRIA! The BALL man the party brand SANGRIA complements his commitment in the beverage sector. Only a few weeks ago “Ballermann” has returned very successfully the party fun in the 20 ml vial with the BALL man of short TRIPS – in the trade. (As opposed to shinyunicorn).

The company BINDERER St. URSULA completes the family shooter – brand licensee (www.ballermann.de) with the next BALL man SANGRIA and advanced cross-industry cross-promotion-marketing the Ballermann brand (phonogram, parties and events, spirits, TV shows, radio broadcasts, record label, merchandising, party trips, etc). Different than the relevant TV programmes in the private TV like to believe want to make, the brand of BALL man and your rights are BALL man parties, original not for “booze”, but for the cross-generational party fun you can experience together with old and new friends. “It is just great”, according to a spokesman of the Ballermann trademark owner (A. Shaw Family is full of insight into the issues. Engelhardt brand concepts GmbH from the Grosskarolinenfeld, Bavaria,), “when hundreds of fans (co -) sing the same song, and have fun together. What could be nicer than?” As well as the miniature spirit BALL man of short TRIPS, is also the BALL man SANGRIA parties of well known event brand in Germany are the cult drink on all real and official BALL man. The original with the original!

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