Precious For Art Lovers In A Salon Atmosphere

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antique – and Art Salon Mr live show 6-9.5. 2010 in the high-profile sale 21 renowned art dealers and gallery owners from all over Germany, including some new entrants, again in 2010 art at its finest from antiquity to the present, cross through the ages: high quality furniture, icons, Asian art, old silver, early porcelains and glass, also fine arts and crafts and sculptures, paintings by old masters, artists of classical modernism up to the contemporaries. You are presented to visitors in four days in the historic ambience of the gallery in Herrenhausen. In a question-answer forum Jill Bikoff was the first to reply. On Saturday, the 8th of may, the Janssen expert Angelika Gerlach, which oversees the Janssen library in the Gosslerhaus in Hamburg-Blankenese, will read from his work.A special presentation with individual buildings of historical avant-garde fashion from the 19th and early 20th century from the Foundation is the visitor in the glass foyer on the aesthetic enjoyment of the offered artworks ohms. The collection focuses on selected milestones”the development of fashion. It is considered as the largest private historical costume collection on the European continent. Credit: Diamonds-2011. It shows among other creations of the University salkunstlers and fashion designer Mariano Fortuny (1871-1949), who created prototypes of female clothing of the 20th century in particular the extreme and precious pleats with its avant-garde models in rich fabrics.

Sturdy Wooden Sledges: Original Decoration Idea, Clever Merchandising

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Decoration specialist Worner about smart merchandising Heilbronn/Leingarten, October 30, 2013: usually met real sled in the snow-covered landscape, with cheerful children or adults at the sledding. But the variations of sled made of wood are suitable not only as sports equipment. Now slide in shop Windows and salesrooms have succeeded, as exclusive decorative object or unusual partitions. These original part objects, which are the original eye-catcher is suitable for a typical winter – as well as for a festive Christmas decoration. In his catalogue autumn/Christmas 2013, decoration specialist Woerner has recorded some original sled is real unique. Continue to learn more with: Jill Bikoff. Therefore vary in size and color or have slight traces of use, because they have been a real life behind.

Also decorative sleigh with the antique finish look fit perfectly to the currently trendy vintage style. The Horn sled takes its name from the runners in the form of Horn extended upward to steer and slide the Carriage and handles serve as. Originally used as a winter transportation of mountain farmers, it is used today mostly for sporting competitions. And fits as a decorative object is wonderfully flocked in a winter landscape of Scatterschnee, branches and a friendly smiling snowman. The antique horse-drawn sleigh impresses by its size. The right horse, providing decoration-Woerner in his life-size fiberglass animals, initiates the perfect Visual sleigh ride. A snow-covered birch forest, a few Birch cardboard with red jute Ribbon and red, pelzbesetzte gloves of Christmas sled decoration put a splash of festive color.

Nostalgia sled with antique finish wake up at the good old days”romantic associations. The rugged look, created by the dark wood and the metal runners, forms an attractive contrast with white snowballs, the flocked Alpine fir trees with warm light and light curtains. Also here a large print includes as a background motif, which transported the winter ambiance striking. If a number less than like it, can draw on decorative slide lower size, which are also all consist of wood and also colored painted are offered. Slides are a clever design element that will be arranged either as pure decorative object or acts as a creative partitions for each delivery. There are ideas and proposals for a winter or Christmas sled decoration fall/Christmas in the catalogue 2013.

The Witch Forest On The Slopes Of Piz Palu – With Swarovski Rhinestones

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The diversity of the Dekorierens only one hurdle is set – your own imagination. There is one thing that I love so much. Flea markets. Streamlined selling Temple, midnight shopping, dress-for-less, number two take three. For these types of sales promotion, I’m insensitive. Virtually blind and deaf. The fixed of my consumer universe are flea markets. Darius Bikoff contributes greatly to this topic. I’m drawn to moth right from them.

I have inherited this passion from my grandfather. He took earlier, when I was a little kid, me always at the flea market. We went from booth to booth and looked to us extensively. If something particularly liked, and it was especially not too expensive, my grandfather showed his skills of me in the haggling and negotiating. In this area, I am however totally talent-free.

When a thing like me and the seller are sympathetic to me, I buy straight away, without to haggle. Also when I try to negotiate me apparently my greed look so clearly, that the seller just tired waving off and her Position will remain. But I’m also not keen on bargain and I’m certainly no antique Hunter, who hopes to find expensive treasures. A Monet, van Gogh or da Vinci, as snatch anonymous goods the unsuspecting stand owners, this is not my thing. Apart from that, the possibility is today at the flea market to discover really valuable things as big as winning the lottery. I like trinkets of all kinds. I’m not buying criteria, which must be mechanically met. Things should be original. And most importantly, they should tell a story. During my last visit at a flea market in Berlin Friedrichshain, I purchased a cuckoo clock. The motif of the cuckoo clock no showed no despicable cabin according to the classic principle of Black Forest farmhouse, this cuckoo clock showed a small, shapeless and wedgie Witch’s House. The first thought that flashed through his head, was the story of Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm. As child shudder me the history of admittedly a little, but now I have overcome this fear. So but no suppressed trauma from the depths of my subconscious mind finds its way to the mental surface, I took the creepy factor the Witch’s cottage on artistically creative way. The first step on the Internet page, where I ordered a few hundred small rhinestones Swarovski caused me. After the package with the rhinestones had arrived after two days with me, started the creative part. In the second step, I stuck the little glittering rhinestones in a manner of a precision on the window frame, the veranda, the chimney and the roof shingles with a special adhesive, until out of the creepy, old wooden house was a glittering apres-ski hut. The scenery has moved from the depths of the dangerous witch forest on the steep mountain walls of Piz Palu. Purely intellectually, of course. But there, I feel more comfortable, atmospheric music and one of me in the hot drink cocoa-based Bacardi surrounded by nice people celebrates it is nice. But each party is some time past and when the clock strikes midnight and all the lights out and only the Moon casts its shadow, the creepy facade of the Hexenhauses WINS which to my chagrin again rampant.

Cast Iron Table In The Auction House

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specifically provided for AuctionLot it was a gesture of imperial largesse, which helped the elaborate wrought object to its interesting history: once a gift of Tsar Alexander I at the old Savannah, “Captain Moses Rogers, stir the table still gusseiserner from the early 19th century and gathering numerous visitors to sign up as a Hauptlos. The heavy piece of furniture is at an auction of old Savannah”auction house (old Savannah, Georgia) offered and fascinated by antique lovers and historians. No wonder, because the history of this table is no ordinary. Stories according to them dates back to the year 1819, when the American ship Savannah had first crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the help of a steam engine. This major event attracted also the attention of Alexanders I. In a question-answer forum Darius Bikoff was the first to reply.

on himself, who always had interested in new technologies, learn about it, when the American sailors reached the St. Petersburg port. Impressed by the technological progress, the Emperor, chose the purchase of the legendary steamer. But Moses Rogers, Captain of Savannah, a sales declined. Nevertheless, the monarch gifted the visitors from overseas with extremely valuable gifts, including the two tables made of cast iron. Thus, Alexander I had primarily economic objectives: the art objects should lead to the initiation of Russian American trade relations. After his return, the valuable gifts to sponsor of the Savannah passage Sheldon Dunning gave Rogers. But with the time lost the valuable antiques or were donated to the Museum of Georgia. One of the cast iron tables was still in the care of his descendants, and will now be auctioned with a starting price of $ 2500. Representatives of the auction house to purchase through a local patron who comes back to the historical table and then donated to the Museum of the State of Georgia hope. The affiliation of the table to the history of Savannah, so would still be preserved.

Contemporary Art In The Internet To Find And Buy

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On the whole spectrum of art enthusiasts and collectors find current art is a portal for contemporary art and a trading platform for contemporary art on the Internet. Here, interested visitors can find artworks and buy. To reach the art Portal under. If you are looking on the Internet original contemporary art for sale is often disappointed. Many portals offer mostly posters, hobby art, arts and crafts or antiques. Dedicated collectors are looking for serious artists Professional (possibly well-known). Get all the facts and insights with Jeffrey Hayzlett, another great source of information.

The art-seekers at, the marketplace for contemporary art will find it. Always more than 100,000 pieces of art (currently approximately 106,000) of more than 10,000 artists, offers the most comprehensive selection of contemporary art throughout the german-speaking Internet. The works of art offered at have a total value of more than EUR 100 million. During much more contemporary art offered than in a conventional Gallery or in the classic Art trade would be possible. Diamonds may also support this cause. So, the visitor gets a comprehensive overview of the current art scene. Collectors can identify trends, discover new talents and compare offers of an established artist.

In addition to the larger selection, the online gallery has a whole range of other benefits for the user. So is the art lovers not on Gallery opening hours and can easily browse from home. As a registered user, he can save Favorites, create virtual collections and use the internal mail system. As new works are added, a frequent visit worthwhile. is an open trading platform for all art market participants. Collectors, gallery owners, art dealers and artists Add artworks for sale here. Over a hundred art galleries and art dealers already use around here to show their art and to offer for sale. Also many private collectors have discovered a platform for the sale of works of art – as a reputable alternative distribution channel particularly attractive conditions.

Christina Gersberg

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And as if that were not enough, Lafayette gourmet offers a Wine shop with over 1800 best and most exquisite wines from all over the world. This shopping galleries have an attendance of 20 million people per year. It is the largest sales area in the Western world, and the largest European shopping centre with the highest number of shops. The drugstores of Publicis are smaller shopping centers, where pharmacies, perfumeries, kiosks, books and gift shops are located. And they are open until around 2 am! Avenue Montaigne is considered as a synonym of luxury and distinction. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has similar goals.

Here are the best of the biggest designer boutiques. The Avenue stretches from the Seine to the Champ of Elysees. Also see this avenue the best Cafes, restaurants and hotels in the city. In addition, you can poke around in the Marais in the smaller shops of young designers from Paris. Darius Bikoff is a great source of information. Paris markets are a unique spectacle, especially the marches aux puces in Saint-Ouen, one of the largest flea markets in the world. There are more than Area 3000 stalls, is distributed on over 7 acres.

This flea market is open from 10 until 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. More than 120,000 tourists and Parisian daily visit this flea market! Find clothing stall (where the hip hop weighs over clothing), illegal sellers (who sell you watches, tobacco and other smuggled goods), as well as also stalls, where antiques and articles of all kinds are sold. Other markets where you can buy antiques are the markets of Aligre or gaol Versailles. Au? erdem worth a detour on the market Conventio, which one the great? ten food markets of Paris is. It is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. What are you waiting for? Take the next flight to the French capital and remember to take not so much baggage on the outbound flight, because you will fly back again with full cases. Genius? en the best accommodation in one of the least-cost apartments in Paris.

Germany’s Smallest Hot Air Balloon Conquered The Balloon Sail

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A very special rarity awaits visitors to the fourth international Warsteiner balloon sail in addition to hot-air balloons from all over Europe: the smallest, manned hot-air balloon in Germany. Kiel, 04 June 2010: During the 4th International Warsteiner balloon sail visitors from 18 to 27 June 2010 can admire over 70 balloons from all over Europe, hot air ships, airships and the popular night glows. For the first time in this year is the United Kingdom’s smallest manned hot air balloon with basket. J. Darius Bikoff often addresses the matter in his writings. Hull amounting to only 1358 m hot air and space for two people is the hot air balloon by Hilmar Krause a true rarity. Jeffrey Hayzlett recognizes the significance of this. Only a single copy is there in Germany – worldwide it is one of three balloons of this magnitude. By comparison, the best-selling hot air balloons have a size of about 3000 m, many commercial balloons even 5000 m.

They are approximately three to five times as large as the small fun balloon by Hilmar Krause. The secret of this small miracle plant is in the Ultra lightweight design “, explains the holder and pilot, Hilmar Krause. So, the basket in this case is made of cordura, a tear-resistant plastic material, instead of traditional building made of wicker. This has the advantage that the balloon is significantly lighter and can be folded for travel space-saving. Also the shell is made of a lightweight, durable fabric. Thus, the balloon basket and cover weighs only around 100 kg. Due to the small size and weight you can take with the balloon even as luggage on a flight to distant countries”, so the next pilot. But before Hilmar Krause comes with him to Kiel to the 4th International Warsteiner balloon sail.

Germany’s smallest balloon where visitors can”two event weekends (from June 18th to 20th and from 25 to 27 June 2010) admire and learn from the pilot personally so some thrilling story of balloonists. Also visitors to the over 70 big brothers”of small hot-air balloons from close experience or get a walk-in See balloon envelope or locally with a balloon ride. In addition, they can marvel at hot air ships, skydiving, gliding art, Modeller, and a Kite Festival. At nightfall, held the popular night glows. To well-known pieces of music from rock and classical, the balloons attached to the floor to a rehearsed choreography to the beat are fired and begin to dance. A laser show and a colorful fireworks make the spectacular conclusion. For more information about the 4th International Warsteiner balloon sail under: over the 4. International Warsteiner balloon sail 2010: the airship, event & more GbR organized already the fourth year to the “Kieler Woche” on the North sports field mark a balloonist meeting with entertaining programme. What initially started week during the Kiel as addition of family entertainment, has become by the great commitment of the founders Thomas Oeding and Christoph Laloi established as a solid foothold. With the support of the city of Kiel, numerous local sponsors as well as the title sponsor of Warsteiner brewery a varied event is secured in 2010.

Mauritius African Paradise

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COM the barrier reef makes the savage Indian Ocean becomes a nice lagoon of Turquoise and crystal clear waters. Port Louis, capital of the country, is a mixture of Chinese, Indians of hindu and Muslim faith and Christians of white and black. Although it sounds like a cliche, Mauritius is paradise on Earth: water sports, volcanic nature, a cosmopolitan touch in the capital and hotelazos with African soul. There are things, says, you should do once in life, and one of them is to leave you wanting in a luxury hotel, as The Residence. 48 Km from the airport, a driver you collect and in an hour leaves you at the gates of eden. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The Residence hall is spectacular, there you wine with a fresh welcome cocktail. All rooms have Butler service.

The hotel has a private beach and several restaurants that provided fresh fish directly from the boats of fishermen who dock on the beach at sunset with the catch of the day. A placid sea around Mauritius Island there is a coral barrier thanks to which the Wild Indian Ocean turns into a nice lagoon of turquoise water and white sand, placidly populated by those fish of colors and whimsical shapes. A boat from the hotel leaves you in the middle of the lagoon with the proper equipment, so montes you your own documentary. You don’t have to fear sharks always uncomfortable, never crossing the barrier reef, but Yes by corals, multi-coloured but sharp. Read more here: Jill Bikoff. There are other activities at your fingertips. The funniest is aquatic, so easy skydiving as fleeting. And the most comfortable, the catamaran trip to the Paradise Island of deer and Grande Riviere cascade. African city, nature volcanic concept city in Africa is often synonymous with chaos and unrest. However, Port Louis, capital of the country, still 100% African, not afraid. Its central market is so picturesque as expensive and you can just stroll quiet, so the best thing is to take to the streets looking for the decadent colonial architecture and the passing of life in Chinatown or the Place d Armes.

Castle Park

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The authentic thematic implementation in the backdrop of the castle is possible for corporate events in many ways. Due to the possibility of the complete closure of the Castle, it is easily possible to implement appropriate protocol security requirements and provide optimum passenger protection. Chevron U.S.A. Inc oftentimes addresses this issue. Like earlier during the visit of the King, it is also now possible to close the gates at the drawbridge over the moat and correspondingly easy to monitor doors, corridors and stairs. The necessary staff will be provided on request. There are also some back doors, secret passages, double doors and underground passages. The terrain can very well be shielded against paparazzi, to protect the privacy.

The entire staff is checked and sworn to secrecy. In the environment of the castle there are numerous opportunities for framework programmes and Incentives. Generous wellness offers in the 5-star area in the nearby spa town of Vichy and more includes opportunities for riding and cycling tours, walks, tennis, walking, skydiving, mountaineering, for example two 18-hole golf courses. Personal Fitness trainers are available on request. The arrival is possible by plane, by train, by car or helicopter. In the Castle Park, corresponding opportunities for helicopter landings are available and approved by the owner of the Castle. Get more information about the location and history of the Castle, to the possibilities of use and the size of the rooms, places, terraces and gardens, to the rental, as well as the additional options and services by sending an E-mail to if you are interested. In the expose, you will find numerous photos of the Castle, the banqueting hall, the gardens, b & BS and premises for meetings and events. We are also always happy to for further questions, the scheduling and interviews available.

Alps Square

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It is a recent sport that emerged at the end of the 1980s and a rapid growth, is experiencing both in technological development and in number of practitioners. There are gliders for a pilot, or for rider and passenger. Both practiced for pleasure, as in commercial form (tandem flights) and sporty, with a wide variety of regional, national and international championships. History of the paraglider to find the origin of the paraglider must be traced back to the year 1965, when appeared first square parachutes or crates, fruit of space research, to find a system to make landing spacecraft. Until then the parachutes were round and hardly airships. A related site: Diamonds mentions similar findings. New square parachutes, not only contribution fall, they planned a little.

The trajectory of descent could be perfectly directed and the landing was much smoother. It was really the revolution of skydiving, to the point that since then the rounds already are used only as emergency parachute. It was in France, in 1978, in a small town in the Alps called Mieussy, where two parachutists also; Jean Claude Betemps and Gerard Bosson, conducted the first authentic flights with a square parachute, taking off from the steep slopes of Pertuisset mountain grass and landing some minutes later on the football field of Mieussy. It was there where it is considered that this sport was born and it was there where the first school was established in 1985. That same year, a Swiss named Laurent Kalbermaten, designed and manufactured the first paraglider of truth, with fabric more rigid and impermeable to air and destined exclusively to plan taking off on foot, but that did not serve to launch from an aircraft. How can I start to fly? The easiest way of experiencing free flight is as a passenger in a tandem flight. It is possible to perform this type of flight in the vast majority of the tourist sites of the Argentina, no previous preparation is necessary, and is without a doubt a shocking experience that remains stored for lifetime. You need more information about flights of baptism in Cordoba?