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Posted By on July 11, 2017

Of the others 32%, half arrive to receive above from 5 wages, and the remain preferred not to answer. The tourism is not something cheap of if practising. Data harvested in the research of Aguiar (2010), in the island of Fernando De Noronha, show that the income of the tourists who generally frequentam the place is of more than 5 minimum wages. However this factor is present in the island due to high expense that the tourists have with the ambient taxes, that are daily, and that they guarantee the permanence of it in the place, beyond the common expenses that if make in a destination as diverse lodging, feeding, transport and strolls. The strolls carried through in the beach had been, 64%, bought directly of the boatmen. Whereas 24% had gotten of the guide of van and 12% remains, they had bought in the inn or hotel.

The attainment of the strolls by means of the guides of van was new data to appear during the interviews, not even in the daily pay-available answers in the questionnaire it had this option. These tourists were not housed in the Beach of the Pipe, but yes in Christmas and used this service of transport, offered for the hotel to a cost the part, to visit beaches of its interest. The tourist also has the option to buy these strolls of a travel agency. It had this option in the questionnaire, however none of the interviewed ones got the stroll in this way, what it does not occur with the tourist of Fernando De Noronha, that 60% buy the stroll together with the tickets and lodging (Aguiar, 2010). Of the ambient point of view, the opinions are divided. Ahead of the questioning if it considers the harmful strolls of boat to the dolphins, 54% find that yes and 46% find that not.

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