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Posted By on April 20, 2019

Hearing colloquy of people in the supermarket, many owners of house even though are rebelled therefore recycle its lixos, have ecological conscience, what however dumb for they are the purchase of the garbage bag mainly why the exchange of bags is normally daily not to accumulate garbage, thus preventing illnesses and insects as the affection and others. On the other hand it would have more to be limited yes, the use of bag and plastic bags, vasilhames and others. But because the consumers need to buy ecological bags, it would not be in the case to make the bags biggest and thus to be supplied for the establishment? He is where the people contests and makes the hypothesis of games politicians and entrepreneurs who only think about the profits. In the media we see the applause of the people, but personally we see the disillusionment and frustration. It would not be the case to leave free each consumer to make its proper choice? Who takes bag in the market is because they buy the traditional garbage bag.

excessively uses the bags as garbage bags, what it is a bond of the market, and an exploitation since does not have more ecological alternative, not to be the market to supply the ecological bag and not to charge of the consumer, for what this already it is inlaid in the final price of the products. The correct one would be the law so that all commercial establishments changed its packings for a more ecological option, and people not to arcar it with the consequncias, since we have differentiated social classrooms and would be plus an expense for less the most favored than already they earn so little ahead of the so high prices. It has those that nor car has and use the bags to take the products for house. It is the controversy of the moment, to think, to collaborate, to think about good alternatives that are true, useful and ecologically correct. We have right to have the bag in the hour of the purchase and we are not obliged to lead in the hands what we buy. The bags that the markets offer consuming to buy it are very weak and are same wanting that we pay what they are of obligation of who vende. They who buy biodegradveis bags, to offer its customers. The people knows what it is good for the planet and what for backwards of that they use to advantage of the ecological campaign. The ideal would be not to use garbage bags none.

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