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In accordance with blog mannering art one searches unknown points characteristics of the profile of the professionals of technology of the information. During the period of August of 2008 the October of 2009, a thousand professionals had more than participated voluntarily of the study to raise characteristics of the professionals of the sector of the Technology of the Information (YOU). With the information gotten in the study he was possible to verify the economic and social conditions, motivacionais factors in the work environment, preference for languages, conditions of update of the knowledge technician and professional formation, stimulaton these professionals to act in the area, as well as characteristic the mannering factors. Research already had been carried through to identify economic and marketing questions of the sector of YOU, but until the moment of the publication of the research little it was studied to know the reality of the professionals of this sector that grows considerably to each year. The sector uses 500 a thousand specialized professionals more than, keeping average of generation of job above of 13% to the year.

If kept the growth they is esteem, in 2013 a deficit of 200 a thousand professionals, second study carried through in 2009 for the SOFTEX. Beyond the concern of the lack of professionals to the companies they need to create motivacionais programs to attract and to hold back its talentos, also knowing as to invest in qualification programs. To create these programs of more efficient form is necessary to know the current profile of the operating professionals in the market and the data of the study will help the professionals of human resources to develop the programs. We never can leave to evidence inside most important of the enterprise environment: to the people, the quality of life and the motivation do not exist tools, or any technology for more advanced than either that it corrects the errors if the involved people not to make to happen.

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