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Posted By on May 6, 2019

Extension of the product portfolio surgical sutures with the easy pass needle provides omega medical GmbH now before another new product. The rapid growth in new customers with regard to established medical practices also leads to the extension of the product range of surgical suture material. With improved technology, the easy pass needle in surgical suture material is a genuine alternative for demanding users. “With the growing number of customers in our market segment surgeries using surgical suture material, also the claims of diversity and advanced product features has risen.”Collaboration enables us with our manufacturing partner SMI in Belgium, to satisfy these wishes and to set further milestones in this area within our company”, Reinhold Herbst, owner of omega medical GmbH performs. Practices that employ as a contractual partner of the statutory health insurance, which increases surgical sutures by omega medical GmbH, now have easy pass product line that opportunity even better product characteristics through the can and to achieve significant improvement in their spending. The number of surgical procedures outside hospitals is growing steadily.

Therefore, we are of course required to satisfy the constantly growing demands as a provider of medical practices. We are therefore sure to accept these new products in areas such as Dermatology, oral and Maxillofacial, plastic surgery, dental and oral surgery, children – and youth doctors, especially but also the entire general surgery sector excellent”, Reinhold Herbst continues. Omega medical GmbH is a distributor with a particular focus on medical products and wound care, which are distributed in the German market.

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