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Sculptures were about 25,000 BC, and a very long tradition in the history of art have a sculpture is a specific genus of sculpture. A sculpture is made of one piece, carved, formed, or chiseled. What is the difference between a sculpture and a sculpture? A sculpture is created by adding materials. While a sculpture is made of one piece. The history of sculptures including the tusks were a long time ago to produce a sculpture, antlers or legs used. At the present time, stones, wood, resin and other materials are used like for example bronze.

Also plants can be a sculpture, when they are cut in a certain form. A mallet or a chisel used to edit a stone or wood. You can create sculptures as a free-standing figures, or part of a collage-like room installation. Very well known sculptures are Michelangelo’s David, emerged 1504 in Florence, the Venus de Milo, emerged to 100 BC, or the Venus of Willendorf, created around 25,000 BC What is there for sculptures? The sculpture couple Bull and bear bronze was produced in a limited edition of 199 pieces. This sculpture was cast in the lost wax method.

Also in the set available is the sculpture couple man and woman. The fine sense shows in the dormant slim figures. This sculpture is of bronze, and a replica of Bantea SREI. Each piece is unique and may therefore vary in color and size. Also bronze, the sculpture couple Mare with young foals is mother love. The mother love of the Mare to her foal is represented in this very romantic bronze sculpture. Also this product was made in the lost wax method. The Golden Buddha is a handmade solid wood sculpture. It is partially gold-plated leaf and elaborately decorated with white and green spectacularly. The Crocodile Bank is an unusual sculpture. Made of solid wood, Brown-stained and waxed sculpture has elaborate carvings. Deviations in shape, Color and dimensions are possible because of a hand job. There are of course also expressive sculptures for the garden. The giant Nautilus is a work of art, which was also manufactured in elaborate handmade in the Berdestone method. In the Berdestone procedure, stone or metal powder is applied on a basic scaffold from fiberglass. The giant sculpture is an oversized Nautilusfossiel, which sits on one painted Ashlar granite Nautilus. Much less than the figures of the angels come there. These small sculptures are made of heavy antique white resin. These sculptures are so something for the outdoor weather-resistant and frost-resistant to minus 20 degrees. The sculpture depicts the three graces by Antonio Canova in a mutual embrace three dancing goddesses. This sculpture was made from high quality resin (polyresin).

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