South Cone Report

Posted By on September 1, 2017

In the report the fortification of the influence was indicated of the networks of delinquency organized in the triangle made up of diverse nationalities, Colombians, Brazilian, Chinese, Lebanese, Nigerian, Russian, of Ghana, and the people of the Ivory Coast. These groups are active in Paraguay already long it of the route of drug traffic from Colombia to the United States and Europe. In the report it is indicated that the majority of these clandestine operations takes place in City of the East, considered to a regional center for the drug traffic and the contraband of arms. The participation of the majority of the transactions of exchange of arms by Colombian drugs the armed groups rebellious. The Brazilian number of $ 261 million of the given financial aid to the terrorist groups in the year 2000 makes a report published by the government of Bolivia in November of 2001 seems an underestimation. According to the report of Bolivia, more than 250 million dollars of money of the drug it is suspected was transferred from Brazil to a Lebanese bank, through Bolivia, during the seven previous years. Ramiro Montealegre Rivas, director of the Financial Unit of Bolivia, explained that there is " indications of a bond between the dealers of arms, narcotics traffickers and terrorists internacionales." The authorities of Brazil were investigating 10 Lebanese citizens who live there supposedly are implied in the money laundering. The 2 of October of 2001, Lebanese born Mazen Ali Saleh and Saleh Mahmoud Fayad or Salhed (Sobhi Mahmoud Fayad, the brother), both of 20 years, were stopped in City of the East, document possession that indicates the regular remittances among $ 25.000 and $ 50.000 to suspicion of radical Muslims. Both were tie to Assad Ahmad Barakat, to that the investigators suspect being the head of the South Cone to collect bottoms for Hezbol. At the beginning of December of 2001, ABC Color informed that Basilisa Vzquez Roman, a public prosecutor of City of the East, for both previous months had been the investigation of 100 million dollars of transference of City from the East to the Lebanon.

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