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Posted By on May 2, 2018

Automated documentation relieved personnel Berlin, April 2009 – mountains, producing bureaucracy is one of the most frequent criticisms of modern health care systems around the world. \”But against bureaucracy can take: clinics, which rely on digital dictation and speech recognition in the creation of documents, faster cut doctor letters and findings\”, the specialist service of HealthTech wire reported. You would relieve medical staff, increase patient safety, and promote the setting up cross-networking. IT Director of health service in the Spanish region of Galicia provides for example Javier Quiles del Rio, current data. There currently all 14 public hospitals are equipped with speech recognition\”, so HealthTech wire.

In a 1,200-bed hospital has been reduced through speech recognition the time up to the creation of a definitive radiological diagnosis by nearly two days to half a day\”, explains Quiles del Rio. The advantages of a \”automated documentation confirms the radiologist Dr. Robert Kierse from the Institute for X-ray and nuclear medicine at the Hospital of Neuperlach: the whole process of document creation with dictation tape transcription in the copywriting, correction of seven steps could be reduced to only three steps\”, so Kierse compared to the CIO magazine. In this way not only are costs, the patient can be treated faster through the accelerated creation of the findings. Meanwhile, 90 percent of all radiological documents with online speech recognition are created in Neuperlach, the remaining ten percent with offline speech recognition. Also the nursing home In the Munch box\”of workers Samaritans Association (ASB) in Mainz gained positive experience in a pilot project.

An intelligent networking of hard – and software care processes should be optimized. This includes the Grandpa’s social software and advanced speech recognition technologies. For more information see Jeffrey Hayzlett. The technical basis of the solution developed in this pilot project, which by means of telephone and voice a structured and at the same time individual documentation of care allows, is a modular, integrated information and communications platform from Aastra DeTeWe.

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