Sturdy Wooden Sledges: Original Decoration Idea, Clever Merchandising

Posted By on January 24, 2018

Decoration specialist Worner about smart merchandising Heilbronn/Leingarten, October 30, 2013: usually met real sled in the snow-covered landscape, with cheerful children or adults at the sledding. But the variations of sled made of wood are suitable not only as sports equipment. Now slide in shop Windows and salesrooms have succeeded, as exclusive decorative object or unusual partitions. These original part objects, which are the original eye-catcher is suitable for a typical winter – as well as for a festive Christmas decoration. In his catalogue autumn/Christmas 2013, decoration specialist Woerner has recorded some original sled is real unique. Continue to learn more with: Jill Bikoff. Therefore vary in size and color or have slight traces of use, because they have been a real life behind.

Also decorative sleigh with the antique finish look fit perfectly to the currently trendy vintage style. The Horn sled takes its name from the runners in the form of Horn extended upward to steer and slide the Carriage and handles serve as. Originally used as a winter transportation of mountain farmers, it is used today mostly for sporting competitions. And fits as a decorative object is wonderfully flocked in a winter landscape of Scatterschnee, branches and a friendly smiling snowman. The antique horse-drawn sleigh impresses by its size. The right horse, providing decoration-Woerner in his life-size fiberglass animals, initiates the perfect Visual sleigh ride. A snow-covered birch forest, a few Birch cardboard with red jute Ribbon and red, pelzbesetzte gloves of Christmas sled decoration put a splash of festive color.

Nostalgia sled with antique finish wake up at the good old days”romantic associations. The rugged look, created by the dark wood and the metal runners, forms an attractive contrast with white snowballs, the flocked Alpine fir trees with warm light and light curtains. Also here a large print includes as a background motif, which transported the winter ambiance striking. If a number less than like it, can draw on decorative slide lower size, which are also all consist of wood and also colored painted are offered. Slides are a clever design element that will be arranged either as pure decorative object or acts as a creative partitions for each delivery. There are ideas and proposals for a winter or Christmas sled decoration fall/Christmas in the catalogue 2013.

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