Restylane Skincare – Innovative Skin Care Q-med

| April 12, 2019

High-quality care products on the basis of the patented NASHA technology. The series consists of high-quality care products based on the scientifically proven and patented NASHA technology. The care products represent a useful addition to the Restylane injection preparations for aesthetic treatments. Restylane skincare was presented for the first time on the anti-aging World Congress […]

Orga Slimming

| December 31, 2016

When dietary, opts for one with the slimming package long-term weight – and especially health maintenance without the yo-yo effect dietary, the product manufacturer for dietitians, has put together a package of weight loss. This can be both in the context of a nutrition counseling also private alone be used as a. Four […]

HP Print Station

| September 4, 2015

In my case, on a daily basis contact or contacts with me many of them, or by consultations of product, special operations, supplies, etc. Also I realise visits in person by zones, this is something that thank for the franchise-holders and that help us to know their restlessness and also products that move in certain […]