Interdisciplinary Project

| January 10, 2020

2 – Coordinator of the Project: nderson Tavares Alves. 3 – Participant professor of the Project: – Thas (Biology) – Fernando (Portuguese) – Waldizia (Sciences) 4 – Managing: – Adriana Mrcia Ribeiro Ferrari Supervisor: – Glura Lcia de Almeida 5 – School of Origin of the Project: State school ‘ ‘ Rousset’ professor; ‘ 6 […]

Downloading Papers

| January 6, 2020

Dear students! We are pleased to inform you that the website designed to help you while studying. On this site you can find a variety of term papers, essays, theses, dissertations, research and analytical work on various topics. The site offers a large catalog of works on different subjects: diplomacy, law, economics, psychology, philosophy, tourism, […]

Market Ready Papers

| October 28, 2019

Oddly, this writer himself was behind the creation of 'referatnogo business "in Russia. It was in the distant 1996-1997. Started this process on my part as an attempt to make a living using his computer and breech technique. I worked in the heart of St. Petersburg, home was tuned FIDO network, and occasionally, when allowed […]

World Bank People

| September 6, 2018

In the phase of institucional segregation, the attendance to these people was offered in specific institutions. ‘ ‘ The idea was to provide, inside of the institutions, all the possible services since the society did not accept to receive deficient people in the existing services in comunidade’ ‘ (SASSAKI, 1999 P. 31). Ahead of this […]

Major Earthquake

| May 7, 2017

l Professor John MacCloskey, from the Research Institute of environmental sciences of the University of Ulster warned about the danger of causing a large magnitude earthquake in Indonesia. This is due to that failure has been accumulating tension from the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven and since, this region suffers a large magnitude […]

Education In The Distance:

| February 23, 2017

Education in the distance: the connection in search of the significant learning. SUMMARY Everything for a ENTER. Here it is a new to look at for this modality of education that to the few is formatting its identity. Jeffrey Hayzlett wanted to know more. In the education in the distance the classroom is a computer. […]