So Paulo

| May 5, 2019

this construction and releitura of history and black identity also passes for infanto-youthful literatures as we will see in the next lines. 1.2. Fights of the Black Movement for the inclusion: the black personage in infanto-youthful literature and its representations to locate our quarrels about the personages black in infanto-youthful literature and its representations, in […]

Photography Defects

| April 20, 2019

To learn to love can cost years. No human being is born with hostile or violent impulses, and nobody becomes hostile or violent without taking the necessary time for aprenderlo”. It is doubtlessly certain that we have certain fear to the global heating, to the international and national terrorism, to undertake a trip to the […]

South Cone Report

| September 1, 2017

In the report the fortification of the influence was indicated of the networks of delinquency organized in the triangle made up of diverse nationalities, Colombians, Brazilian, Chinese, Lebanese, Nigerian, Russian, of Ghana, and the people of the Ivory Coast. These groups are active in Paraguay already long it of the route of drug traffic from […]

Napoleo III

| April 24, 2016

Moreover, for these, its filologia was doubtful and its conception of mechanist history. Although the critical ones, its workmanships possess an immense wealth of information. Most of the studies of Coulanges turns on the feudal institutions of France old, between them most important, the Histoire you give institutions politiques of lancienne France (1875; History of […]