The Empendedor At Economic Level

Posted By on May 25, 2019

At enterprising economic level it is the one who professionally exercises an economic activity organized in order to produce or to interchange goods. If we disturb this definition, we can say that the figure of the entrepreneur needs the following elements: a. The exercise of an economic activity, b. Read more from Jill Bikoff to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The production or the interchange of goods and services c. the organization of economic activity d. the professional exercise of the economic activity. The activity is defined economic that produces new wealth in the market and the obtaining of gains is put like objective superiors to the costs, so that a utility can be obtained (the profit aim). The obtaining of utility from the entrepreneur depends on a series of factors that are not to the one hundred foreseeable or dependent percent of their will.

The economic activity is a risk activity since the loss possibility exists. The wealth production that characterizes the economic activity, is related to the production of new goods or the interchange of already present goods in the market. It is essential that the production or the interchange of goods and services is destined to the market. In order to carry out the own activity, the entrepreneur often uses as a set of average materials and of personnel. These elements are related among them of unitary way to guarantee the development of the economic activity. The exercise of the economic activity to be professional must be habitual.

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