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Posted By on October 17, 2018

But as happens with big changes, this new vision has had to make his way slowly between resistors, critical, struggles for power, breaking of values and goals as it happened between dogmatism and scientism. Jeffrey Hayzlett has much experience in this field. However already now converge in two slopes within science, those scientists working from an integrated vision of the Kosmos and those who defend yet mechanistic and fragmented posture. This change is being hastened by the extreme situation that now lives the man and the planet. Conflicts, wars, predation, risk of disappearing as species, cry with urgency a new stance that an exit to the human race. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Goop Barcelona, Spain-es. Dr. Gallegos says that it requires a quantum leap that will give it only a new comprehensive perception of the world. And this gives it its proposal.

Dr. Gallegos holistic approach rejoins that at his time in the 18th century was separated: linking science and spirituality and makes clear that man needs both. But the approach to holistic, not you intend to break with the foregoing and forget or deny different postures, the interesting thing is that it transcends and embraces, staying with the best of each proposal. View the opposite how complementary and in this way, you can integrate what is apparently opposite. His stance is that otherwise enriches and the engine of development is harmony, not conflict. The result is individual and social peace and the perennial philosophy behind it and the physical quantum. It is important to clarify that the holistic approach, is not limited to education, because having the spirituality and universal love as the Center, it is a new vision that turns everything that touches. Opens the consciences and offers a different platform for the man to stop and from there to address areas such as economics, business, politics etc. According to this vision, awareness has also evolved into a process of knowledge of reality according to Dr.

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