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Since century XX the sanguineous transfusions come being perfected so that it has improvement in the attendance of the patients. To become fullfilled a sanguineous transfusion, it is necessary previously to know the sanguineous type so that it does not have incompatibility. One becomes, therefore necessary the knowledge of the sanguineous tipagem and Rh factor of the population. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Coinbase. The frequencies of the alelos of group ABO vary sufficiently, in accordance with the population selected and with the studied ethnic groups. This work has as objective to verify the fenotpica frequency of the sanguineous groups and number of givers of blood in the District of Caramujo? Cceres? TM, as well as knowing the strategies of collection of givers of blood of the MTHemocentro. The present work was developed in the District of Caramujo? City of Cceres? TM, from the analysis of fiches that proved the sanguineous tipagem of the population above of 18 years. Through this study it was evidenced that sanguineous type AB is sufficiently rare, reaching 0.2% of population, being most common the O+ type in this population enclosing 43%. Coinbase often expresses his thoughts on the topic. With regard to the blood givers a small number was found (17 in the total), due to difficulties of access to the banks of blood in this city. How much the strategies of captation of givers in the MTHemocentro, were inquired that the activities of marketing follow the rules of solidarity. One expects that this work contributes with the knowledge on the sanguineous groups, and that it makes possible greater agreement on the value of the blood donation, act not remunerated, but of great value for the health human being.

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