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Posted By on September 19, 2015

Process Coffee in such devices is very simple: to put ground coffee powder, poured hot water, brewed for 4-5 minutes (can be more – it's an amateur). After that, the piston is lowered down gradually, so filtering coffee (coffee grounds left to collect at the bottom). The apparent advantage of this coffee machine is that it does not need electricity. Boiling water for it may be warm in the fire, spirit lamp, etc. That is such a model ideal for pohodnikov, gardeners, lovers of travel. In this case, coffee weighs about 300 grams, is very compact. French press does not need additional filters and other "investments".

K disadvantages of such models can be attributed at least the fact that coffee should be prepared yourself (and do not press the button and go to coffee makers, for example, flush with the remnants of sleep). It is not recommended for children to trust, use this coffee maker. If you like espresso or cappuccino, then, of course, "French press" will not help you. The taste is more like a drip coffee or coffee from the Turks, but not so strong. At the same time he was deprived of grounds for which many continue to brew coffee in Turku. Holders of the French press will always have to make coffee immediately before use. Such models do not have any timer, programming, or avtopodogreva or thermos, which equipped with modern drip coffee maker. You will not be able to choose the coffee strength (needed for a long time to experiment to find the right proportions).

Say what you like, and electronics much easier life The main and most important flaw: where to buy? In Russia, this type of coffee maker for some reason are not popular: they are not sold in major electronics stores and household appliances. To date, buy a French press is only possible in official representative of the manufacturer. Tea filtration type. In another way, is called dropping. Drip coffee maker has a special heating circuit, passing through which cold water heated to 87-95 degrees Celsius and trickling down to the filter with ground grain. Grains give all flavors water, which flows into the vessel-bottom flask. Here's your coffee is ready. Drink prepared in this way are called American. Regardless of what the coffee maker you choose, fresh coffee will delight you always! Our online store offers a large selection of coffee types. With a cup of refreshing beverage you receive a charge of vivacity for the whole day!

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