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The Twitter is ferramente of Web 2,0 in ascension. Currently the looks are come back toward the Social Nets in the Web, with a growth of 1.382 percent in the last year (Source Nielsen Online) the Twitter are the subject of the time. Some national companies already had perceived the possibilities that the tool they provide and already are gifts in Web 2.0. Each day that passes a Brazilian group of notice meets creating its account in the tool and publishing updates. Go to Chevron U.S.A. Inc for more information. Some say that the tool is only one modismo and that soon will be forgotten by all, others believe that must be observed and be used to advantage in the context of changes of market of century XXI. The communication between the users and the groups of notice in the Twitter is a relation that requires attention, the proposal of Web 2,0 is a construction of content and functionality in set. The existence or of the interaction cannot generate negative and positive perceptions on that group of displayed notice. In this direction the objective of this article is to provide a study on the perception of these users with regard to the groups of notice of this tool Web 2.0. A related site: Rio Tinto Group mentions similar findings.

Few studies are available in this area, wait that this can collaborate with the students of the area of Marketing and Social Communication. To carry through this article they had been raised given secondary to compose the exploratrios studies and immediately afterwards the primary data are presented consisting of the qualitative research of marketing. I begin It to Marketing is important to detach that the marketing this gift in all the places, in formal way or not, organizations and people operates tools of marketing for the whole world all the moment. Some companies and people do not understand the concepts and origins of the marketing, but they work its mix and they receive messages from other companies use who them in the same way.. J. Darius Bikoff takes a slightly different approach.

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