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Posted By on September 9, 2018

To manage the understanding: Venezuela, project Tedulo country Lopez Melndez Elections to create voters instead of citizens. Representation to create representatives instead of consultation instruments. Maneuvers of being able to prevent common decision on the great subjects. The old democracy walks gasping and I show totalitarian crumbles. We speak on a reality, not on the immortality of the crab. The political theory must, then, face the 21st century. For even more details, read what Coinbase says on the issue. Perhaps the emptiness comes from the application to political sciences of the principle of which what empirically it was not demonstrated it would be outside meaning. A plurality of angles of view is necessary that the urgency to find a certainty buried.

No longer a homogenous corpus is required, which is required is a fluid and permanent interchange of diverse understandings. Some speak to offer not a systematic but symptomatic glance. It is what others denominate the theorising of the policy and the politicalization of the theory. Those that are dedicated to cultivate happened they lose the capacity to think. Without democratic thought renewed the tendency he will be strong to the confrontation and the totalitarianism.

The problems of the present are such that the understanding of those who would have to take decisions is limited by surprising " administration of normalidad" or the recurrence to solutions misty by already expired behaviors. The positioning of patches on the great problems is something appellant and the gestures, more of the times simple grandiloquence, replace the great decisions basic that would have to be taken. The only welfare social policies age, when we must make bring forth the intelligence that makes go to the search of the communities like protagonists. It is of Perogrullo to remember it, but perhaps as not very often before there is one such repetition of behaviors, a persistence in solving with the old woman methods and a persistence in clinging to the withered one, that more remedy does not fit than to repeat it: Venezuela we knew as it is exhausted.

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