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It is known that classifier.html > spiral separator is one of the beneficiation devices, according to the solid particles of different specific gravities, spiral classifier can precipitate them in the liquid, and then achieve the purpose of mechanical classifier, this is the work principle of the spiral separator. Rio- Tinto Diamonds is open to suggestions. grind the material powder which processed by the mill first, and then the crude material using spiral piece rotary vane screwed mill feed inlet to filter out the fine material discharged from the overflow tube. The spiral classifier referred to as grader. It can be divided into high single weir spiral classifier, double spiral, sunken single spiral and double helix four grader these four kinds. Application field of the spiral classifier Spiral classifier is widely used in the concentrator to form the closed circuits with mills which can be used in the process of shunt mineral sands, or with gravity spiral classifier concentrator grading ore and fine mud and metal beneficiation process in the pulp particle size classification and job washing off the mud, dehydration and other jobs.

The machine has simple structure, reliable, easy to operate these advantages. Since the solid particle size is different, the specific gravity is different, and thus, the settling velocity of a different principle in liquids, fine ore particles floating in the water into overflow, the coarse ore particles sink to the bottom. By screwing into the upper discharge, mechanical grading to grading equipment, able to grind mill feed powder level in the filter, and then the crude material using a spiral piece screwed into the rotary vane inlet feed mill, to filter out the fine material discharged from the overflow tube. The machine base is made of steel, the body is made of welded steel plate channel. The spiral shaft s head, pig iron sets, wear-resistant and durable, the enhance devices can be divided into electric manual and these two kinds. Feature 1, it is used to separate the overweight powder which produced in the sand dry production process, it is very convenient to control the mechanisms gravel powder content, and then meet the user’s requirements. 2, it is suitable for dry, medium sand making production line. 3,0.00 0.75 mm powder content is adjustable between 2% – 15%.

4, powder quality is easy to control, the fineness adjustment is convenient, flexible and reliable. 5 tiles lining, the rate of maintenance is very low. 6, use the frequency conversion control technology, the peration is more concise.

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