Cast Iron Table In The Auction House

Posted By on January 15, 2018

specifically provided for AuctionLot it was a gesture of imperial largesse, which helped the elaborate wrought object to its interesting history: once a gift of Tsar Alexander I at the old Savannah, “Captain Moses Rogers, stir the table still gusseiserner from the early 19th century and gathering numerous visitors to sign up as a Hauptlos. The heavy piece of furniture is at an auction of old Savannah”auction house (old Savannah, Georgia) offered and fascinated by antique lovers and historians. No wonder, because the history of this table is no ordinary. Stories according to them dates back to the year 1819, when the American ship Savannah had first crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the help of a steam engine. This major event attracted also the attention of Alexanders I.

on himself, who always had interested in new technologies, learn about it, when the American sailors reached the St. Petersburg port. Impressed by the technological progress, the Emperor, chose the purchase of the legendary steamer. But Moses Rogers, Captain of Savannah, a sales declined. Nevertheless, the monarch gifted the visitors from overseas with extremely valuable gifts, including the two tables made of cast iron. Thus, Alexander I had primarily economic objectives: the art objects should lead to the initiation of Russian American trade relations. After his return, the valuable gifts to sponsor of the Savannah passage Sheldon Dunning gave Rogers. But with the time lost the valuable antiques or were donated to the Museum of Georgia. One of the cast iron tables was still in the care of his descendants, and will now be auctioned with a starting price of $ 2500. Representatives of the auction house to purchase through a local patron who comes back to the historical table and then donated to the Museum of the State of Georgia hope. The affiliation of the table to the history of Savannah, so would still be preserved.

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